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Diversity in Academic Libraries Interest Group - South (DIAL-S)

CFP: DIAL-IG Spring Program (May 2019)

The objectives of DIAL-IG include promoting an understanding of diverse user groups; advocating for inclusivity, equity and diversity; and fostering values rooted in professional ethics, social justice, cultural competencies, and democratic practice. While the profession has made some progress, we also know that there is much more to be done. To make greater strides in these areas, we are calling for ALL library folks to adopt a leadership mentality regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

DIAL-IG is inviting interactive and engaging workshop/presentation proposals (30 min workshop with 15 min Q&A) for sessions focusing on conceptual and human skills to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in LIS.

The three-skill approach suggests developable skills that anyone can attain to become a more effective leader:

  1. Technical skills - proficiency in a specific activity or type of work
  2. Conceptual skills - ability to work with broad concepts and ideas
  3. Human skills - being able to work with people

Katz, R. L. (1974). Skills of an effective administrator. Harvard Business Review, 52(5), 90-102.

With plenty of “technical” skills represented at other library workshops and conferences, the DIAL-IG spring program will prioritize conceptual and human skills.

Conceptual Skills Sessions
Addressing any broad concepts and ideas regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.
(Examples: microaggressions, intersectionality, White privilege, mentorship..)

Human Skills Sessions
Teaching practical skills to develop, cultivate, and/or advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.
(Examples: cultural humility, facilitation techniques, mindfulness, active listening, how to have crucial conversations...)

Please send your proposed title and abstract (120 words max) to Tamara Rhodes, Chair of DIAL-IG, at by 5:00pm PST on March 15, 2019.

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