California Academic and Research Libraries


January 15, 1996


   15    Secretary/Treas:
            - distributes Minutes of Dec. ExBd Meeting
            - 1995 Financial Report 
            - Annual Financial Report to ExBd
   15    Membership Director:
            - distributes '96 list of members to ExBd
19-25    ALA Midwinter 
         (ACRL CARL liaison to attend Chap. mtg)1/?


   01    Regional Meeting - CARL South
   01    Membership Director:  requests ACRL mailing list/labels
   01    Appointment of Nominating Committee/Chair
   01    Secretary/Treas.:  submits ACRL Chap. Officer form
   05    Regional Meeting - CARL North
   09    President sends ACRL ExBd Roster to ACRL
   15    Campus Liaison Coords. verify Campus Liaisons 
   15    Membership Director:
            - notifies Liaisons to contact non-renewals
   19    President appoints Chair of Awards Committee
   27    ExBd meeting, San Diego 
   27    Membership Director: 
            - Prelim 1st Qtr Membership Report for ExBd
   27    Secretary/Treas.:  Prelim Report for ExBd
   27    Nominations approved by ExBd
   27    President Appoints Awards Committee


   01    Membership Director:
            - sends list of '96 members to CARL leadership
            - sends second renewal letter
   01    Newsletter Editor: deadline for first issue
   01    Nominating Committee:
            first call for nominations (for first issue of 
   01    President submits President's message for first 
            issue of newsletter (also, to include Minutes of Dec.
            ExBd mtg, rosters of ExBd and IGs, and call for 1996
            nominees to Nominating Committee)  
   10    Newsletter: 1st issue to printer
   18    Newsletter: 1st issue mailing


   01    Membership Director:
            - issues update on '96 membership to CARL leadership
   01    Chapter Topics deadline
14-20    National Library Week 
   15    Membership Director:
            - issues 1st Quarter Membership Report
            - mails final membership renewal notices
            - sends list of non-renewals to regional campus
              liaison coordinators
   15    Secretary/Treas.: 
            - distributes minutes of the 3/15 ExBd mtg.
            - distributes 1st Qtr Financial Report


   06    Nominating Committee:  E-mail call for nominations
   28    ExBd meeting, San Diego 
   28    Nominating Committee: preliminary slate reported to ExBd
   28    Secretary/Treas.: Preliminary report to ExBd


   10    Newsletter Editor:  2nd issue deadline 
              (includes campus liaisons list, request for Member
              of of the Year Award nominees, President's Message)
08-13    Special Libraries Assn. Conference 
   17    Newsletter:  2nd issue sent to printer
   20    Secretary/Treas.:  distributes minutes of May ExBd mtg
   24    Newsletter:  2nd issue mailed


   01    Nominating Committee:
            - submits final slate to President
            - requests bios from candidates
            - requests mailing labels from Memb. Dir.
04-10    ALA Annual Conference
   15    Membership Director:
            - issues 2nd Qtr Memb. Report
            - Sends labels for '96 members to the Nominating
   15    Secretary/Treas.: distributes 2nd Qtr Financial Report


   02    Bios due back
   02    Chapters Topics Deadline
   12    Nominating Committee sends ballots
   12    Send ACRL Reimbursement form (8/15 deadline)
   27    ExBd Meeting, San Diego (or teleconf?)
   27    Membership Director:
            - submits year end report and analysis to ExBd
   27    Secretary/Treas. Reports


   02    Membership Director:
            - sends final '96 membership list to CARL Archive
   10    Newsletter Editor: 3d issue deadline
   ?     CARL Regional Meetings 
   17    Newsletter:  3rd issue to printer
   17    Ballots return deadline
   17    Secretary/Treas.: distributes minutes of August ExBd Mtg
   23    Newsletter: 3rd issue mailed 


   01    Election results reported to candidates, ExBd,
         Newsletter editor (by Nom. Comm.)
13-16    LITA/LAMA National Conference
   18    Membership Director:  3rd Qtr Membership Report
   18    Nominating Committee: issues final report to President


   01    Chapters Topics Deadline
   18    Membership Director:  mails 1st renewal letter
15-19    CLA Conference 


   03    CARL ExBd Meeting in San Diego (or Teleconf?)
   03    Membership Director:  Interim report to ExBd
   10    Newsletter Editor: 4th issue deadline
   ?     CAUSE National Conference  
   17    Newsletter:  4th issue to printer
   23    Newsletter:  4th issue placed in mail
   31    President's Annual Report to ACRL


01/08/97 Membership Director 4th Qtr Membership Report
01/15/97 Secretary/Treas.:
            - distributes Minutes of December ExBd Mtg
            - distributes 1996 Annual Financial Report

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