California Academic & Research Libraries

Master Administrative Calendar 1997

Revised 19 March 1997


 15 Campus Liaison Coordinators Verify/update Campus Liaison roster; send to Ex. Bd (fax or email) and newsletter editor; advise liaisons to submit information to Newsletter
 15 Interest Group Coordinators Verify/update IG leadership roster; send roster to Ex. Bd and newsletter editor; advise IG leadership to submit information to Newsletter
 15 Secretary/Treasurer (By fax or email): -- distributes Minutes of November Ex. Bd. Meeting -- distributes 1996 Annual financial report (final report for year)-- distributes 1996 final Conference financial summary
 15 Membership Director Requests ACRL mailing list/labels for membership mailing to CA non-CARL ACRL members
 15 Vice-Presidents Appoint regional CARL Program Planning Committees, North and South
 15 Campus Liaison coordinators Work with VPs to plan regional meetings


 05 Membership Director
  • Mail membership applications to Calif. ACRL non-CARL members with letter from President
  • Issue roster of 1997 members to CARL leadership;
  • Provide status report on renewals and new members
 05 Appoints CARL Nominating & Elections Committee
 05 President Appoints Research Committee
 05 President Appoints Awards Committee
 28 Southern CARL width="68%">Regional Business Meeting, Claremont Colleges


 07 CARL Executive Board  1st quarterly meeting, UC Davis
 14 Northern CARL Regional Business Meeting, Mills College
 15 Newsletter March Newsletter issue deadline
15 Membership Director Issues 2nd renewal letter to CARL members
26 Research Committee Issues call in March Newsletter


 01 ACRL Delegate ACRL Chapter Topics deadline


 01 Awards Committee Places advertising re Member of the Year Award in June Newsletter
 15 Secretary-Treasurer Distributes minutes of March meeting (by fax or email)
 15 Secretary-Treasurer Prepares quarterly financial report for Ex. Bd June 15 newsletter issue deadline (by fax or email)
 15 Membership Director Distributes quarterly membership report (fax or email)
 15 Membership Director Distributes non-renewals to regional campus liaison coordinators
 15 Membership Director Provides CARL leadership with updated CARL rosters (by mail - first find out what elements people want)
 15 Nominating & Elections Committee Issues call in June Newsletter & on CARL reflector
 15  Awards Committee Issues call for Member of the Year Award nominations in June Newsletter and on CARL reflector
 28 Research Committee Applications due
 28 CARL Executive Board 2d quarterly meeting via videoconference
 28 Campus Liaison Coordinators & IG Coordinators  Update Executive Board on regional activities


 11 Nominating & Elections Committee Provides recommended slate to President & Executive Board
 11 Awards Committee Provides list of potential candidates to President & Executive Board


 01 ACRL Delegate ACRL Chapter Topics deadline
01 Awards Committee Final recommendation for Member of the Year Award to President & Executive Board
01 Secretary-Treasurer Sends form to ACRL for annual dues reimbursement
15 Membership Director Quarterly report to Executive Board
15 Secretary-Treasurer Quarterly financial report to Executive Board
15 Secretary-Treasurer Distributes May minutes
15 Newsletter Deadline for September Newsletter issue
15 Nominating & Elections Committee Submits final proposed slate to President/Ex. Bd; with final approval, collects biographical statements, develops ballot
26 Nominating & Elections Committee Issues ballots
26 Research Committee Presents recommendations to Executive Board
26 CARL Executive Board 3rd quarterly meeting via videoconference


01 Membership Director Sends final 1997 membership list to CARL archive
26 Nominating & Elections Committee Ballots due


06 Nominating & Elections Committee
  • Final report to President and Ex. Bd;
  • information to Newsletter editor;
  • phone calls to all candidates;
  • final letters to all candidates. 


01 ACRL Delegate ACRL Chapter Topics deadline
15 Vice-Presidents, Membership Director, Campus Liaison Coordinators, IG Coordinators, Secretary-Treasurer Annual reports due and distributed to Executive Board (by email or fax) [financial reports from Secy-Treas.]
15 Newsletter Deadline for December issue
17 Membership Director Mails 1st renewal letter


02 CARL Executive Board 4th quarterly meeting, with '97 and '98 Board members
15 President Report to ACRL