Fifth Annual CARL Conference * September 19-20, 1997

Program Summaries, Speaker Texts

Keynote Speakers:

Richard Lucier Michael Gorman Robert Berring


Breakout Session #1:
The New Learning Communities Instructional Teams, An Unfinished Agenda
Breakout Session #2:
Trends in Higher Education
Plenary Session #2:
Developing Full-text Electronic Collections: the Promise and the Risk
Breakout Session #3:
New Service Opportunities Innovations in Reference, Instruction and Access
Breakout Session #4:
Shared Problelms, Shared Solutions: Creative Parnerships Beyond the Campus


Alan Ritch (Plenary Session #2):
"What Users Want, What We Want Them to Want, and Improving Access to Undifferentiated, Indiscriminate Content"

Sandy Vella, CARL President:
Member of the Year Award
Research Award


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