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Conference Theme

Creativity and Sustainability:
Fostering User-centered Innovation in Difficult Times

CARL Conference, Thursday April 5th - Saturday April 7th 2012
San Diego Marriot Mission Valley, San Diego, California

Within library literature authors often expound on the importance of innovation. Innovation is something big, revolutionary, sweeping, extreme! With these definitions floating around it's easy for innovation to feel inaccessible and overwhelming - especially when we're moping about the latest budget cuts. But does it have to be? Webster's defines innovation simply as "the introduction of something new," and "a new idea, method, or device." Add to that, libraries' and librarians' dedication to our users, and our definition looks more like this: "a new idea, method, or device, that adds value to our users." Does innovation feel a little more accessible now? CARL seeks to recognize and celebrate activities which either forward or sustain services while adding value to your users. We welcome proposals that describe and document your risks, success and failures, ways in which you have become more nimble in responding to users needs, great projects that have been sustained and/or expanded, despite difficult times. Successful proposals should demonstrate fearless risk-taking, quirky approaches to the same old problems, and down-right insanity when it comes to meeting our users' needs.

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