California Academic and Research Libraries
Executive Board Minutes: March 7, 1997

Minutes of the meeting held at UC Davis March 7, 1997

Present: Carl Bengston, Judy Clarence, Michael Fineman,Les Kong, Deborah Schaeffer, Beth Sibley, Martha Smith, Sandra Vella, Christina Woo, Locke Morrissey

Absent: Stephanie Bangert

Introduction of the Board to one another.

Approval of agenda and additions

Approval of minutes of the November Board meeting

Reports of Officers:

President's Report

All committee members appointed and charges made
These appointments will be reflected on the website. Be sure and let Bill Whitson and Julie Sih know about latest changes to reflect accurately on website.
Unique charge: Committee on Organization charged with the matter of incorporation.

Summary of ACRL Chapters' Council Meeting/ ALA Midwinter

Carl Bengston and Martha Smith attended. Information brought back from that meeting indicated that ACRL expects all chapters to be incorporated, either through local state organization affiliation or on their own. The recommendation of the Executive Board to the Committee on Organization as of this meeting ( 3/7/97) was to revise its charge and to review the procedure on how to incorporate.
Action: create a preliminary report to the Board by August 28th. meeting regarding incorporation.
Christina Woo: should we promote our presence by creating a flyer or logo to promote our presence at Chapters' meetings?
Action: Website links through Julie Sih from our website to ACRL and other chapters.

Task force to Provide Language to WASC (2 committees) Community College and Information Literacy--Bonnie Gratch is the contact person and is already beginning to work with the Task force. Most of the work of this group will be though e-mail as the members are scattered throughout the state.

Action:Recommendation that we will pay for one flight and or/ face to face videoconference for the members who are throughout the state if they find it useful.
Secondly: Don Bosseau contacted Ralph Wolff. Hoped to hear from him regarding WASC. Deadline of August 24,1997.

Status report on New Interest Groups:

Collection Development: Southern group: 25 people indicated preference. Deborah and Les to look at those names and to get the group going. Fewer names in the North. First meeting scheduled May 16, 1997. Helen La France and Carolyn Harnley will meet at UC Davis.
Community College: In the South, less well organized. In the North, a number of names. Sandy will set up a meeting with Rosalie Amir.

Annual Conference:

Input from the Board solicited. Ideas for names of potential speakers. Present title " Academic Libraries in Transition: Creating New Pathways, Preserving enduring values" Speakers to represent views: UC Librarian Richard Lucier who will address the future and digital libraries. Michael Gorman who will present elements of traditional ideas to retain.

Brief outline of schedule discussed next and is included here. Friday 1:00-2:45 Keynote speakers 3;15-5:00 Breakout sessions Session I: enhancing the curriculum through partnerships on Campus Faculty/librarian Steve Watkins CSUM integrating the library into the curriculum Tina Peterson, SJSU Improvement of Services, impact on services CSU Hayward Faculty workshop Suggested name to contact as well Ilene Rockman, CPSLO.

Concurrent Session II: Trends in Higher Education Effective marketing of these trends. Internal Legislation First speaker from Santa Clara University Karen Fox--strategic marketing of higher education ( User surveys of services ) Steve Tash a potential speaker name mentioned. 5:00-6:00

Reception Light refreshments with dinner to be elsewhere

Saturday Program Round Table discussion group a possibility Panel on Electronic Publishing: issues on selecting materials Eddie Hogan, Alan Rich, Kitty Henderson ( EBSCO) possible names 11:00-12:30 Breakout 12:45-2:00 Lunch 2:00-3:15 Wrap up

Discussion on having dinners by Interest Groups Pre-conferences by Interest Groups as we did this year? Sandy to contact chairs of Interest Groups

Discussion on website information on the Conference. Last year we had two websites ( CARL and UCSD through Julie Sih ).

ACRL in California Action: Where are we with this issue and what should we do about it? Questions continue to be raised about the relationship of CLA and CARL and ACRL's conferences or workshops in California and the West. Discussion on workshop to be held in 1998. CLA Board and CARL Executive Board to meet and cooperate on this issue? Much discussion on the roles and interactions of CLA and CARL and ACRL followed. General agreement that CARL should approach and get together with CLA Board to talk about issues such as money and relationships and see if meeting point can be reached to improve situation. Key issues for both should be how to better serve academic librarians in the state. Sandy will call Greg Atkins and try to get on the agenda of the CLA Board. Carl Bengston and Les as two V-P to attend with her.

Reports from Vice Presidents:

Status of Program Planning Committees Les: Southern Program Planning Committee met March 26 at CSULA to discuss the May program Carl: Northern Program Planning Committee will meet next Friday Discussion:

Michael Fineman, Membership Director

Renewal rate: how do we encourage this and do we account for those that we have? the transfer of responsibility from one MD to the incoming is at a bad time in terms of keeping track of incoming renewals. What about the rosters needed by the Interest Groups? How best to generate and disseminate those? CARL Membership form might need some change in its wording. Discussion on ACRL members in California who are not CARL members . 900 ACRL members in California; 328 CARL/ACRL members listed. where are the other 530? Would generate revenue for CARL from ACRL. Carl Bengston suggested that it might be useful to charge the membership committee to find ways to increase the number of ACRL and Community College librarians who belong to CARL.

Regional Programs South--February 28, 1997 Claremont Colleges Report from Locke Morrisey Unclear to liaisons that library staff can join CARL, not just librarians. Question: Is Locke's template adequate to address this matter of staff membership? At present, there is not a box for staff to check their status. Staff training a high priority in most libraries at present. We should gear a program to that topic and attract more staff. overlap with interests of CLA? Who would plan the program? Regional groups might be the most logical ones to do the programs. Difficult for staff to get away and take time for planning. Time to attend would be easier. Locke felt that we should at least have a space on the form provided to address the status. Community College Membership: Discussion on a need to focus on good programs involving community college librarians and also involving collection development librarians. ( These might not be the same programs ). Need to target membership among new library school graduates.

Break for Lunch occurred.

Christina took a picture of the Board for the CARL Newsletter.

Membership Director distributed report.

Discussion of whether financial support available for some work that the membership director needed at certain times. This request was approved. MD to submit request for a nominal amount of money to Board and treasurer for student hours. There has been some precedent for this in years' past. Uses of the Website to generate and post reports and forms discussed at length.

Conference costs and dues structure discussed. Will we have adequate funds in years to come. Although the treasury is healthy at present, will this continue?

Treasurer's report read and approved.

Committee on Organization--Les Kong asked that the treasurer analyze outflows and incomes for the last three years and see if there are patterns that are apparent.

Interest Group coordinators__reminder to interest groups that their roles are important and a current, updated list of responsibilities for them should be created and handed out.

Liaisons should rotate more frequently to generate more enthusiasm and also to create more opportunities for people to become involved with CARL.

Other business:

Letter from Janice Koyama, UCLA to Sandra Vella regarding the Millenium Conference establishing governance and the program. Information needs of people and users and information needs of those who serve them. ( 1998/1999 ) program date.

Action: Les responded favorably to Janice. He will be our representative and meet in Ontario either April 22 or May 1. He will report back to the Board.
Do we provide financial assistance? If so, have we set a limit on funding?
Action: Ask the Board at the next meeting after the report from Les and then, if approved, authorize the treasurer to disburse money.

The meeting ran out of time, as it ran overtime and some members had to catch flights.

Brief mention of the nominating committee for the open CARL officer slots was made: Members; Cynthia Jahns Les Kong Ron Rodriguez.

Meeting officially adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha E. Smith