December 10, 1999, UCI

Attending: Carl Bengston (1999 President & ACRL Chapters Council Delegate); Deborah Schaeffer (2000 President); Cynthia Jahns (Incoming 2000 Northern Vice-President); John McGinnis (Incoming 2000 Southern Vice-President); Suellen Cox (Incoming Secretary); Vicki Rosen (Incoming Treasurer); Ruth Wallach (Incoming Newsletter Editor); Christina Woo (Outgoing Newsletter Editor); Ron Rodriguez (Membership Chair); Paula Hammett( Incoming Northern Interest Group Coordinator); Ilene Rockman (Outgoing Northern Interest Group Coordinator);Debra Moore (Incoming Southern Interest Group Coordinator); Lise Snyder (Outgoing Southern Interest Group Coordinator); Evelyn Lord (Incoming Northern Campus Liaison Coordinator); Fred Gertler (Outgoing Northern Campus Liaison Coordinator); Michael Oppenheim (Southern Campus Liaison Coordinator); Les Kong (Outgoing President).

The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m. by the 1999 President, Carl Bengston. Both 1999 and 2000 Executive Boards were present. This was the concluding meeting of the 1999-year.


  1. President's Report

The president Carl Bengston discussed the annual CARL conference held in October 1999 at Asilomar. The successful conference was attended by 230 CARL members. There was no research award made for 1999. CARL Member of the Year was awarded to Beth Sibley. General conference evaluations were favorable. The evaluation report will be available on the conference Web site.

  1. Reports from Other Officers
  2. 5a. Southern Vice President 1999 Report

    Deborah Schaeffer submitted a printed report that included board appointments and committee assignments. Deborah announced plans for the regional meetings.

    5b. Northern Vice President 2000 Report

    Cynthia Jahns is working on the Northern Regional meeting. She is also working with

    Ben Amata on government interest group activities.

    5c. Secretary-Treasurer Report

    Carl discussed the Secretary-Treasurer report prepared by outgoing Secretary-Treasurer Ronnie Coates, dated November 24, 1999. CARL has $12,000 in checking, $10,000 in a CD, for a total in assets of $22,000.

    5d. Web Site Coordinator

    Les Kong delivered the report for Bonnie Petry.

    5e. Membership Report

    Ron Rodriguez submitted the membership report. The current membership of CARL is 735. Student membership is still flat.

    5f. CARL Newsletter Report

    Christina Woo provided information on the draft December 1999 conference issue. Christina will meet with the new incoming editor Ruth Wallach to discuss newsletter issues. Additional discussion focused on the issue of migrating print newsletters to the Web. Ruth is requesting feedback on this issue via email and a survey that is included in the December newsletter. There was further debate by board members on the positives and negatives of each format.

    5g. Interest Group Coordinator North Report

    Ilene Rockman reported that the Northern CSU Librarians chapter has been resurrected. Ilene moved that the CARL board approve the creation of the "Government Information and Publications Interest Group" (GIPIG) and add it to the list of interest groups and web page. The motion was unanimously approved by the Board.

    5h. Interest Group Coordinator South Report

    Lise Snyder reported that the Collection Development Group was hosting a program at UCI on December 10. On December 3, CCLI and CARLDIG South jointly hosted a very successful moderated program on instruction issues. There were eighty registered attendees. CARL SEAL South is having a program in April focusing on SPARC and new electronic publishing initiatives in academic institutions. Community College Librarians Interest Groups are strong and appear to be growing stronger.

    5i. Campus Liaison Coordinator South Report

    Michael Oppenheim reported that there are a some new campus liaisons.

    5j. Campus Liaison Coordinator North Report

    Fred Gertler will give Evelyn Lord the reflector group information. He suggested that campus liaisons encourage librarians to communicate what they are doing through the newsletter section "People in the News."

    5k. ACRL Delegate Report

    Reporting for Stephanie Bangert, Carl mentioned the mid winter conference.

  3. Committee on Organization Report
  4. 6a. Proposed Membership Dues Increase

    A membership dues increase was not proposed in 1999. Should dues be increased in 2000 to take effect January 1, 2001? Modest increase suggested. Cynthia Jahns discussed a report that was prepared in June suggesting the following: need for additional funds, CARL dues now very low and could be raised and still be low, structure of CARL has grown (funding of Web site and reflectors, newsletter costs, more board members, attorney for incorporation). Due to additional costs (conferences, etc.) we may need greater assets in reserve for emergencies. The Committee recommends the raising the dues in the following amounts: for ACRL members---from $10 to $20, for Non-ACRL members from $15 to $30, for students from $5 to 15, for retired from $5 to $15. Carl suggested we place this on the agenda for the next 2000 board meeting for discussion and then place on the ballot.

    6b. CARL Administrative Manual

    The manual needs updating.

    6c. Recording and Promulgation of Board Minutes

    Minutes need to be recorded and placed on the Web.

    6d. Checking Account Signatories

    Need to have more than one signatory.

    6e. Incorporation Update

    Attorney has identified an accounting firm in Oakland, Patel and Associates who work with nonprofit groups.

    6f. Permanent Mailing Address

    The permanent mailing address needs to be identified and reported to postal service. Carl recommended that UC Santa Cruz library be our permanent address, and he will notify postal service.

    6g. Oversight of Annual Filings

    Annual statement of ownership filings must be filed with U.S. postal services for periodical postage rates. We will also have annual tax forms, and a nonprofit form to file and send out.

    6h. Software Purchases

    Some board members have purchased software to assist in their responsibilities. They need to be reimbursed. There are no existing policies. This needs to be discussed and a section included in the administrative manual.

    6i. Future of CARL Archives

    The current policy pertains to paper only. Need to address the issue of archiving CARL documents generally and perhaps electronically and establish policies and procedures. Carl recommends referral to Committee on Organization (contact Celia Bache)

  5. Lunch Break
  6. Planning for Future Conferences
  7. 2000 Conference will be held in Long Beach. Contract with Hilton has been signed. Deborah Schaeffer needs deposit.

    The program committee is meeting regularly. Subcommittees are meeting. The theme focuses on images of librarians and the future of the profession. The web site will be appearing after the first of the year. Registering for hotel accommodations will be available online.

    Board discussed the possible idea of moving the conference to a different time of the year, perhaps in the spring, or holding a conference every other year. Benefits from moving the conference may include: benefits to interest groups, on-off years would provide opportunities for other types of programs, issue of trying to contact librarians during the summer, state level planning possibility. Carl suggested that his should be moved as a discussion item at the Regional meetings.

  8. CARL Research Award
  9. Previously discussed. Only two applicants applied. No award was made. Award will be rolled over to 2000.

  10. CCLI and CARL (follow-up from last meeting)
  11. Northern CCLI does not want to join CARL. South CCLI will canvas the membership and determine whether or not to join.

  12. CARL Legislative Liaison Appointment
  13. Previously discussed.

  14. California Millennium Conference Update
  15. Les Kong reported that the CLA conference will be held in Santa Clara California, November 10-12, 2000.

  16. Officers for 2000: Plans and Responsibilities
  17. See Deborah's Report

  18. Other

A WASC Standards Task Force was convened for further communication on Library standards. A charge was revised at Asilomar


The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Suellen Cox, Secretary.

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