SEPTEMBER 17, 2001
(Videoconference between Cerritos College & College of Alameda)


Attending: Cynthia Jahns (President); John McGinnis (Southern Vice President); Judy Clarence (Northern Vice President); Vicki Rosen (Treasurer); Ron Rodriguez (Membership Director); Bonnie Petry (Web Administrator); Evelyn Lord (Director at Large, Northern Campus Liaison Coordinator); Kelly Janousek (Director at Large, Southern Campus Liaison Coordinator and Acting Secretary); Debra Moore (Director at Large, Southern Interest Group Coordinator); Locke Morrisey (ACRL Chapters’ Council Liaison).

Absent: Suellen Cox (Secretary); Ruth Wallach (Newsletter Editor); Lynne Reasoner (Archivist); Frank Gravier (Director at Large, Northern Interest Group Coordinator).

1. Announcements and Introductions

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes of 4 June 2001

Postponed, will approve via email.

4. CARL election results:

Southern Vice President - Ron Rodriguez

Membership Chair - Elizabeth Ginno

Secretary - Suellen Cox

Director-at-Large, Community College Representation - Tamara Weintraub

Director-at-Large, Private Institution Representation - Simone Yu.

5. CARL Northern Regional Conference Program.

Is set for December 3, 2001 at Preservation Park. Keynote by Stanley Wilder.

6. President’s Report

6.a CARL Research Award. Elizabeth Housewright (Chair) received four proposals for consideration.

6.b CARL Member of the Year awards. Announcement of nominations should be in the September newsletter and on CARLALL-listserve.

6.c Committee Structure. President Jahns led a discussion on the structure of the Committee on Organization. The Executive Board will continue this discussion at the December board meeting.

7. Officers Reports

7a. Vice President South

Will report during Membership Report and Biennial Conference concerning work on the database and conference.

7b. Vice-President North

Vice-President Clarence said no report yet on 2001 Member of the Year. October 24, 2001 is the deadline for the nomination and Awardee(s) announced at the Regional Meeting December 3, 2001. This is a lifetime achievement award on a calendar year.

7c. Secretary


7d. Treasurer

Report sent via email. New reports format showing profit and losses.

The current checking account balance is $13,869.19

The current savings account balance is $15,007.43.

Interest Groups have turned a profit for CARL.

7e. Membership Chair

See 9b.

7f. Webmaster

Bonnie Petry says all is calm. President Jahns says she receives comments and finds the site very helpful for referral questions about CARL.

7g. Newsletter Report

Ruth Wallach sent the report to the Board via email

7h. Interest Group Coordinator South

Debra Moore listed the South Interest Groups Activities:

SEAL 9/22/01 LotusLand Garden Tours

CALM 9/30/01 Pornography, Staff Depression and Other Worst Nightmares.

ABLE has Patrick Sullivan, San Diego State University, as new Chair



7i. Interest Group Coordinator North

Frank Gravier was not present. President Jahns said GIPIG was having a co-sponsored event at the end of October.

7j. Campus Liaison Coordinator South

Kelly Janousek is tracking liaisons to see if they are continuing and recruiting for missing campuses.

7k. Campus Liaison Coordinator North

Evelyn Lord reports same as South.

7l. ACRL Chapter Council Delegate

Locke Morrisey reported the following needs:

    • Asked for an extra newsletter to give to ACRL and other state chapters.
    • There is a report to ACRL about our State chapter activities Locke will do.
  1. Conference Planning Committee

The committee’s next meeting is October 18, 2001. Over the summer they did weekly work calls to plan breakout and plenary sessions. Three tracks (of two session each) for public services, technical services and management. Other tracks may yet be added.

Preconferences include ABLE-N concerning new facilities; CCIG concerning Information Competency; CARLDIG concerning digital reference; CSUL concerning collection refinement or weeding; GIPIG-S still planning; SEAL still planning; sCIL still planning.

Plenary Programs. Oral confirmation by Delaine Eastin, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Saturday p.m. Sessions include: ACRL standards; Access to excess; OCLC CORC; maybe a virtual digital reference; assessment of information competency; retaining and retraining staff; and, political power of librarians.

9. New Business

9a. Demonstration of CARL Membership Database.

Digital Forest allows mounting of three other databases for our current fee. Hence the Membership Director could do the membership survey via Filemaker Pro and create reports and totals.

Ron Rodriguez recognized John McGinnis's work on the finished product.


9b. Membership Report.

Ron Rodriguez, Membership Chair reported that there are 599 paid and current members with 174 (2000 members) not yet renewed. Largest increase in the Community College Institutional type area.

9c. Hosting CARL Interest Group Reflectors

Hosting Interest Group reflectors has come up. Most Interest Groups seem to have reflectors hosted by various institutions and various ways.

9d. Scholarships for Students to Attend the CARL Biennial Conference

Students at the San Jose Library School asked about funding opportunities to ALA conference. No ALA funding but what about CARL conference funds?

10. Next Meeting

December 10, 2001 with incoming Board Members invited at Hayward.

Respectfully submitted,


Kelly Janousek,

Acting Secretary for Suellen Cox