December 10, 2001 CSU Hayward


Attending: Cynthia Jahns (President); John McGinnis (Southern Vice President);

Judy Clarence (Northern Vice President); Suellen Cox (Secretary); Vicki Rosen (Treasurer); Ron Rodriguez (Membership Director); Debra Moore (Interest Group Coordinator South); Frank Gravier (Interest Group Coordinator North); Kelly Janousek (Campus Liaison Coordinator South); Evelyn Lord (Campus Liaison Coordinator North); Simone Yu (Campus Liaison Coordinator North); Locke Morrisey (ACRL Chapters Council Liaison); Deborah Schaeffer (Chair Committee on Organization)

Absent: Ruth Wallach (Newsletter Editor); Bonnie Petry (Web Administrator); Lynn Reasoner (Archivist)

    1. Welcome and Introductions
    2. Approval of Minutes
    3. Minutes were approved

    4. Approval of Agenda
    5. Agenda approved

    6. President’s Report

4a. Awards Update

2001 CARL Member of the year will be awarded to Lise Snyder, UCLA. Bonnie Petry will place a banner announcement on CARL Website.

4b. There were four proposals submitted for the CARL Research Award. The Committee recommends that proposal #2, submitted by Bonnie Gratch Lindauer from City College of San Francisco and colleagues Brian Lym (City College of San Francisco, Micca Gray (Santa Rosa Junior College), and Topsy N. Smalley (Cabrillo College) be funded for the requested amount of $2000. Their proposal involves developing and testing an instrument to assess information competence

4c. The regional program in the North was very successful.


5. Officers Reports

5a. Vice President South

John McGinnis reported that there will be changes in registering for the conference.

5b. Vice President North

Judy Clarence reported on the plaque for the member of the year.

5c. Secretary

Nothing to report.

5d. Treasurer

Treasurer Vicki Rosen reported on budget. The current account balances as of 12/7/01 are:

Checking: CalFed $ 9,513.30

Savings: CalFed $15,076.59

Total Assets: $24,589.89

5e. Membership Director

Ron Rodriguez reported that membership reports are done on a quarterly basis.

Ron recognized John McGinnis for the creation of a successful membership database.

New CALIBACA is up and working. It is the appropriate place to post job announcements and any other academic library matter.

CARL membership numbers for the 4th quarter are:

CARL members: 876

Community Colleges: 178 17%

California State Universities: 245 28%

University of California: 168 19%

Private Universities: 240 27%

Public Libraries: 9 1%

Library Schools: 13 1%

Vendors: 18 2%

Others: 11 1%

5f. Web Administrator

Bonnie Petry was absent but sent the report to President Jahns. Everything is okay on the CARL website. Any comments should be sent to Bonnie.


5g. Newsletter Editor

The December newsletter is being produced.

5h. Interest Group Coordinator South

Deb Moore reported that SEAL is planning a program as is CALM.

5i. Interest Group Coordinator North

Frank Gravier reported on activities in the north. Several groups are planning for the preconference.

5j. Campus Liaison Coordinator South

Kelly Janousek reported that there are no name changes in liaisons.

5k. Campus Liaison Coordinator North

Evelyn lord reported that the quarter was very slow. The new North Campus Liaison Coordinator is Simone Yu.

5l. ACRL Chapters’ Council Liaison

Locke Morrisey reported that the Winter 2001 issue of Chapter Topics (the ACRL Chapters’ Council Newsletter) included information on the conference in the Spring and scholarships for sending library school students to conference. It can be found online at:

A Midwinter ACRL Debate Luncheon is scheduled. Locke reminded the

Board that this is a good opportunity to learn about the candidate’s platforms.

    1. New/Old Business

6a. Asilomar Conference Update

Evelyn and Carl Bengston are Co-Chairs. Evelyn reported that the registration form has been sent out.

At the last planning meeting a few changes were made. The preconference

fee was reduced to $35.00. The general conference fee was raised to $110.00 in order to encourage preconference attendance.

The Conference program has a strong technical services track. There is a daylong program on Friday, fireside chat, and breakout on Saturday. There is interest in setting up an interest group for tech services people. Hopefully this will be accomplished at the conference.

The keynote speakers include:

    • Delaine Eastin, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, on The Power of Academic and Research Libraries.
    • Michael Buckland, UCB School of Information Management and Systems.
    • Michelle Cloonan, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies.
    • Bill Fisher, SJSU School of Library and Information Science, on The State of the Profession : Where Are We Headed?
    • Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information, on Information Technology : Fueling the Future


John McGinnis thanks Evelyn and Carl for their leadership as conference co-chairs, and a great planning committee.

6b. Future Conference Planning

The Conference Planning Committee met and made several recommendations for the Board to consider due to the nature of a biennial conference and the South/North President arrangement.

    • Establish an ad-hoc committee to work on program planning for each biannual CARL Conference. The Committee should be composed of representatives from both North and South, from various types of institutions, and from various areas of library employment (e.g. public service, technical service, management). This representation would help to ensure that the conference programming is balanced and of interest to the wider membership.
    • Establish a separate local host committee for each biannual CARL conference. The local host committee would essentially raw on CARL members from the geographic region of the conference.
    • Select the date and location of the next CARL Conference at least two years in advance.

6c. Committee Structure

The Committee on Organization membership is currently board members plus others. Past President Deborah Schaeffer indicated that the committee needs to be small.

6d. sCIL Update on 2003 Information Literacy Regional Immersion Program Proposal

Sarah McDaniel (USC) reported for the sCIL group. She indicated that there may be a phasing out of regional programs.

There was a discussion of the various proposed sites (UCI, Claremont, UCLA). President Jahns suggested that we need some criteria for evaluating the sites. The following questions were also raised:

    • Can we get more information on additional programming and cost for social events, airport accessibility?
    • Can we get a commitment from the host institution and from hosting institutions library?

It was agreed that the sCIL group will respond to these questions and send an email response.

6e. Demonstration of CARL Membership Database

The database will go public after February15, 2002.

Members will ultimately go to Regonline to register electronically on a secure site.

Membership director will make any administrative changes on member’s records.

6f. Board Members Job Descriptions

President Jahns requests that we re-send them. Bylaws will give job title.

6g. Hosting CARL Interest Group Reflectors

No, they need to set this up themselves.

John McGinnis thanked Cynthia Jahns for the year as President.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted


Suellen Cox,

CARL Executive Board Secretary


1. Place CARL Member of the Year Announcement on CARL Web Site Petry

2. Place wording on web site indicating we are separate fro ACRL Petry

3. Consider institutional memberships Board

4. Place a counter on the CARL Web site. Petry

5. Cynthia send program list to Petry to place on the web. CJ/BP

6. Create a program-planning manual. ?

7. sCIL group needs to respond to Board questions Lee

9. Agenda item for next meeting: increase membership renewal cost for passing deadline. Jahns