March 11, 2002 California State University Hayward

Attending: John McGinnis (President); Judy Clarence (Northern Vice President); Ron Rodriguez (Southern Vice President); Suellen Cox (Secretary); Vicki Rosen (Treasurer); Liz Ginno (Membership Director); Frank Gravier (Northern Interest Group Coordinator); Tamara Weintraub (Southern Interest Group Coordinator); Simone Yu (Northern Campus Liaison Coordinator); Kelly Janousek (Director at Large, Southern Campus Liaison Coordinator); Locke Morrisey (ACRL Chapters’ Council Delegate); Ruth Wallach (Newsletter Editor)

Absent: Bonnie Petry (Web Administrator)

  1. Announcements
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Minutes approved with corrections.

  5. President’s Report
    • Discussion of future Board meeting dates.
  1. Officers Reports
  2. 5a. Vice-President North

    Judy Clarence reported on the Northern Regional Meeting held 3/4/02.

    22 librarians attended. A discussion was held on the role of campus liaisons. New librarians were encouraged to become members.

    5b. Vice-President South

    Ron Rodriguez reported on the Southern Regional Meeting held at Chapman University on 2/25/02. John gave a demonstration of Membership Database and ideas about future conference planning.

    Ron reported on Conference Planning for 2004. Criteria for locations include: close to airport, fun, conference facilities, credit for rooms, banquet costs, AV, parking, guestrooms, ADA compliant, doubles for sharing, VIP accommodations, liability, and credit application

    In terms of committees, the Ad Hoc Committee on Program planning should consist of a mix of librarians from the north and south, and different institutions represented. Deborah Schaeffer is willing to chair the Ad Hoc Committee on Local Arrangements. The Executive Committee should steer the overall planning and would include Ron Rodriguez, Judy Clarence, and the three chairs for program planning. Chairs will select members for the specific committees. The President will set the conference theme with input from the Executive Committee.

    5c. Secretary

    Suellen Cox reported that past minutes have been posted on the CARL Website.

    5d. Treasurer

    Vicki Rosen distributed the treasury report. Itemized profit and loss: January-December 2001

    The President is concerned that we do not have an annual budget. John suggests we develop one, and let Interest Groups (IG) know what they have. Seed money would be available for an IG to get a program rolling. Guidelines should be developed and communicated.

    5e. Membership Director

    Liz Ginno reported on that CARL has received approximately 200 renewals for members for 2001-2002. The renewal mailer going out will ultimately reveal the correct number of members.

    The question was raised as to how interest groups know when a new member joins and is interested in a specific IG. The Membership Director will send out an updated IG list twice per year, and any time an IG chair requests it.

    In order to get the next newsletter, and have the ability to go on the website to update information, members must renew their membership.

    A "Welcome to New Members" message will be included in each newsletter.

    5f. Web Site Coordinator

    Bonnie Petry sent a report asking if the board wants a counter on the web page. John will ask Bonnie to produce a report of current hits.

    The calendar and officers page has been updated.

    5g. Newsletter Editor

    Ruth Wallach reported that the March newsletter has gone out. Extra copies will be available at the Conference at the registration table.

    The next newsletter will appear in June and will be large due to coverage of the conference.

    The online newsletter will be available soon. Ruth is looking for a member to take over the newsletter editor position next year.

    5h. Interest Group Coordinator North

    Frank Gravier reported that work on the conference is proceeding.

    If there are any IG leadership changes, Liz and Bonnie should be notified by email.

    5i. Interest Group Coordinator South

    Tamara Weintraub reported that she is receiving many questions on communication and IG’s.

    SEAL has amended their bylaws and will be electing new officers. An open house was held at Fullerton, and they are planning a program in May. CSUL South is planning a preconference.

    Encourage IG’s to list on CARLALL Listserv or set up their own.

    A Guide for IG Leaders should be created. Much is already on the Web. Tamara and Frank will work on this and bring to June meeting.

    5j. Campus Liaison Coordinator North

    Simone Yu nothing to report.

    5k. Campus Liaison Coordinator South

    Kelly Janousek nothing to report.

    5l. ACRL Chapters Council Delegate

    Locke Morrisey reported on the reorganization of ALA----they are several years behind. He is now reporting on the ACRL Website: Chapter Topics (How much promotion we are doing and how many members, etc.)

  3. Old Business

6a. Asilomar Conference Update (Lord, Ginno, McGinnis)

There are currently 204 registrants. Conference registration receipts will be placed in registration packets. A list of participants will be available.

Another reminder will be sent out through CARLALL by March 15.

We had wanted to sponsor several library school students. There is no time this year. The Board will create a more formal process later.

6b. Special Collections Lists

Simone Yu suggested we have a space outside of our region to advertise what we have. Special Collection IG will look into this issue and investigate. How will we do this will be placed on June agenda.

Simone will try to get a vendor to donate something to conference.

Next meeting

Scheduled for June 3, 2002


Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted


Suellen Cox

CARL, Secretary