September 30, 2002

North-CSU Hayward South-CSU Long Beach

Attending:  John McGinnis (President); Judy Clarence (Northern Vice President); Ron Rodriguez (Southern Vice President); Suellen Cox (Secretary); Liz Ginno (Membership Director); Frank Gravier (Northern Interest Group Coordinator);Tamara Weintraub (Southern Interest Group Coordinator); Simone Yu (Northern Campus Liaison Coordinator); Kelly Janousek (Director at Large, Southern Campus Liaison Coordinator); Locke Morrisey (ACRL Chapters  Council Delegate); Legislative Liaison; Bonnie Petry (Webmaster); Ruth Wallach (Newsletter Editor)  

Absent: Vicki Rosen (Treasurer)  


Approval of Agenda
Board Calendar for next year added under Vice-President North Report.  

Approval of Minutes
March 11, 2002. Minutes approved. June 3, 2002. Minutes approved.  

President's Report
Committee on Organization has not met.  

President McGinnis discussed the issue of insurance.  Insurance Associates McDowall and Keeney, a company that insures other library associations, has been contacted.  

Regarding the rescheduling of the sCIL Proposal for ACRL Immersion Program, Tamara Weintraub will contact sCIL and ask one of them to give us an email update or attend December meeting.

Officers Reports

Vice-President North        
Judy Clarence reported on the Nominations Committee and CARL election        which was delayed until September. The question was raised as to whether the elections should be held in spring or fall. Judy Clarence will check Bylaws, which may need to be changed if we decide to hold fall elections.        

Calendar for next year:      
December 13, 2002, Chapman University. Live meeting. Newly elected Board members will need to be invited. ˇ       

Monday March 10, 2003, CSU Hayward. Live meeting. ˇ       

Monday June 2, 2003. Video conference. ˇ       

Monday September 29, 2003. Video conference. ˇ       

Monday December 8, 2003 TBA depending on makeup of board.  

Vice-President South
Ron Rodriguez reported that the 2004 CARL Conference will be held April 22-25 at the Doubletree Hotel in Old Town Pasadena. The Local Arrangements and Program Planning Committees are on task. The conference theme is under discussion. Insurance will need to be worked out.  

Locke Morrisey, Chair CARL/ACRL Ad-Hoc Scholarship Committee, submitted the scholarship proposal and accompanying documents. The committee proposes a $1000 scholarship per year. A winning recipient will receive funds to attend an ACRL Conference; the following year, two recipients will receive funds to attend the CARL Conference. The Ad-Hoc Committee would administer the first year scholarship. A motion was made and seconded to accept the AD-Hoc committee proposal in concept for implementation for the next ACRL Conference.

CARL Library School Student Liaison issue has been sent to the Membership Committee.  

Member of the Year Committee is waiting for applications to come in. Will send out an email reminder.

Cox made a presentation regarding SJSU LISSTEN Fall 2002 Program. Board approved the participation of CARL at the LISSTEN program. Kelly Janousek will attend.      

President McGinnis reported that the IRS 1023 form has been filled out and submitted. UC Santa Cruz is listed as the official address of CARL.  

Membership Director
Liz Ginno reported on membership renewal. Reg-online has been more convenient. More members have renewed (30%). CARL has new members, perhaps as many as 100. The current 2002 CARL membership by institution is as follows:

CSUs                                173                
UCs                                  113
Private Colleges             155
Community Colleges      126  

The largest Interest Group is ABLE. The number of vendors has increased.      

The renewal drive will begin Nov. 15. Membership renewal form has changed slightly. The TSIG Interest Group will be added.  

Campus Liaison Coordinator North
SimoneYu will send updated information to Bonnie Petry (Web) and Liz Ginno (Directory).            

Campus Liaison Coordinator South
Kelly Janousek reported that a CSU Librarians program, Treasures of the CSU is scheduled for Thursday Oct 13, at CSU Fullerton.  

Interest Group Coordinator North
Frank Gravier reported that CARLDig North held a program in early September. Twenty attended the program.  

Interest Group Coordinator South
Tamara Weintraub reported that she would be out next semester on maternity leave. Suellen Cox agreed to be the temporary replacement for Southern IG Chair.  

Weintraub also reported on the Guide for IG Leaders.  A list of responsibilities was sent out to relevant individuals. She will also send to the Board.  

Bonnie Petry reported on the current state of the CARL Website. It is at a new location, and should load faster.   Petry also stated that suggestions for revisions to web pages should be sent as soon as change occurs.  

Newsletter Editor
Ruth Wallach reported on the appointment of the next newsletter editor. Christina Woo (UC Irvine) is interested. Motion was made and seconded to have Christina Woo serve as editor.  

Legislative Liaison
Simone Yu reported that ACRL would like CARL to have a replacement for the Legislative Liaison post. Aline Soules (CSU Hayward) was approached by ALA to take on the ACRL Legislative Network role in California. Aline would like to know if she can do it through CARL. Yu asked whether the vacant Legislative Liaison seat on the CARL Board will serve this purpose. Board agreed to appoint her to this position.  

ACRL Chapters Council Liaison.
Locke Morrisey stated that he must step down.  Ruth Wallach, if not elected as CARL Secretary, is willing to step in for one-year appointment. Motion made and seconded to recommend Ruth for appointment.

Locke will come up with survey questions for why persons are not CARL members.  

Old Business
Simone Yu stated that Interest Group Chair Frank Gravier will report on  contacting the CDIG-North Chair regarding the Special Collections project.  

CSUL Program will create a template for special collections so that other universities can easily follow the sample and post their holdings. CSUL Program may also be repeated in the North if there is interest.

Elections results: Judy will forward into to CARLALL  

Next Meeting: Friday December 13, 2002, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Chapman University  

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,    
Suellen Cox CARL Secretary