CARL Board of Directors Meeting

March 10, 2003

California State University, Hayward

Attending: Judy Clarence (President); Ron Rodriguez (Vice President, South); Jean Purnell (Vice President, North); Vicki Rosen (Treasurer); Ann Hotta (Secretary); Liz Ginno (Membership Director); Fred Batt (Interest Group Coordinator, North); Suellen Cox (for Tamara Weintraub, Interest Group Coordinator, South); Simone Yu (Campus Liaison Coordinator, North); David Rios (Campus Liaison Coordinator, South); Aline Soules (Legislative Liaison) [Aline Soules from 10:00-10:45 only]

Guest: Locke Morrisey [via conference call]

Absent: Ruth Wallach (ACRL Chapter Council Delegate); Christina Woo (Newsletter Editor); Bonnie Petry (Web Site Coordinator); Lynne Reasoner, Archivist

1. Announcements

Judy Clarence welcomed new and old board members. Future board meeting dates:

2. Approval of Agenda. Approved

3. Approval of Minutes

December 13, 2002 Minutes approved.

4. Legislative Liaison Report

Judy introduced Aline Soules, the new Legislative Liaison. Aline held a similar role in Michigan. Aline has begun posting legislative updates on CALIBACA. Let her know if the amount of news getting sent out seems right. Aline is mostly sending out news about federal legislation at this time since she is new to California, but let her know of state issues. Aline asked if there was a state listserv that she could begin watching. Fred will get the details on the annual legislation day in Sacramento and pass them onto Aline.

5. President’s Report

5.1. Committee on Organization

Cynthia Jahns has been appointed chair of the committee. Deborah Schaeffer is the second appointed member. The Committee was charged at the last meeting to propose some needed changes in the bylaws. A list of changes to examine appears as an Addendum at the end of these minutes.

5.2. Dissolution of Funds

Vicki reported that the IRS is concerned with wording in the bylaws concerning disbursement of funds should CARL ever dissolve. In order to meet the requirements for obtaining 501(c)3 status, the bylaws must be changed. Currently it states that we will disburse funds to ACRL, but we need to change this to state that we will disburse funds simply to another 501(c)3 organization. We may name ACRL as the recipient elsewhere but we need to omit them as the specified recipient in the bylaws.

Vicki only has until April 30 to get this change approved by the CARL membership. Ann made a motion that the board approves placing this change before CARL members for a vote. Liz seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously. Due to time constraints, the change will be proposed to CARL members via CARLALL, and members will be asked to reply to Vicki via email.

Vicki will use language for the amendment that was given to her by the IRS. It was agreed to leave the language given to us as is since it came directly from the IRS.

For the future, members who opt out of CARLALL should be notified somehow that they may be opting out of voting.

5.3. CARL Administration Manual

Several places in the bylaws refer to an "Administration Manual" for CARL. Ann will ask Lyn Reasoner or Deborah Schaeffer if they know where a copy exists.

5.4. Paraprofessional Involvement

Judy wondered if there were ways to encourage paraprofessional staff to become involved with CARL. The new Technical Services Interest Group (TSIG) in the south has already made this one of their stated goals. Other suggestions:

5.5. CARL and CLA

There was a lengthy discussion at the Northern Regional meeting last week about encouraging academic librarians to participate in CLA. The obvious benefit of working together is having more clout in Sacramento. Also, if academic librarians attend the CLA conference, then scholarly press vendors feel that it is worth it to exhibit at the CLA conference. Board members are open to discussing any concrete suggestions CLA might have to increase academic librarians’ participation.

5.6. Northern California Mini-conference

Two mini-conferences have been held in northern California in the past. These are one-day affairs with a keynote speaker and a selection of programs put on by Interest Groups. Past experience indicates that these mini-conferences do not seem to dilute conference programming. Northern Interest Groups seem to appreciate only having to work on the content of the programs and not have to worry about the logistics. Judy was in charge of organizing one of these mini-conferences, and it can be a lot of work for the organizer. An alternative might be to have an "Interest Group Information Fair" plus a morning program. A subcommittee will explore the mini-conference/fair idea further. Subcommittee members are: Judy, Jean, Fred, and Vicki. Vicki will see if there could be a budget for this event.

5.7. Program Planning Manual

Interest Group coordinators are asked to take a look at the Program Planning Manual to make sure that the information is correct.


5.8. Interest Group Elections and Bylaws

Judy will send a letter to Interest Groups reminding them to hold elections and to review their bylaws.

5.9. ACRL Annual Report

ACRL asks local chapters to submit an annual report each August 15. The last report from CARL that is posted on the ACRL website is from three years ago. Vicki will send a copy of the report form to Judy. Judy and Locke will work out between themselves who will write it.

5.10. Elections

Ron should start putting together a Nominations Committee for the next election. Offices that need to be filled are: Vice President South, Campus Liaison North, Secretary, and Interest Group Coordinator South.

6. Southern Vice President’s Report

6.1. Report on the Southern Regional Meeting

Over 50 people attended the meeting. Ron felt that providing lunch really was a good incentive. Some good feedback on Member of the Year selection came out of the meeting. Attendees did not feel that the current process was overly labor-intensive, but the need to keep the nomination a secret from the nominee was a significant barrier to obtaining the necessary information. The full report will appear in the upcoming CARL newsletter.

6.2. Member of the Year Award

The board approved the following recommended changes:

    1. Keep the award as one that recognizes an individual’s contribution to CARL.
    2. Change the name to Outstanding CARL Member Award.
    3. Present the award every other year in conjunction with conference.
    4. Put out a call for nominations in the fall, due by the end of fall or the first part of the year. Make the selection by early March.
    5. Especially enlist Board Members and Interest Group Chairs to come up with nominations
    6. Nominations do not have to be kept secret.

Composition of the Award Committee still needs to be clarified. Ideas include consolidating the MOY, Scholarship, and Research subcommittees; creating a nominating committee; add more members to the committee to make it more representative.

6.3. Conference Update

A call for programs will go out in April. The conference hotel has a new name and is now the Westin Pasadena Hotel. Kevin Ross at Chapman College is the conference webmaster. The conference committee is working on details such as finding out the cost of Internet connections, and organizing fun activities to encourage people to lodge at the hotel. Rooms will be about $119 a night. Registration fees have not been determined yet. Getting the necessary insurance is contingent upon CARL getting the 501(c)3 designation, so Vicki is working very hard on this. Ron is making contact with vendors.

7. Northern Vice President’s Report

7.1. Northern Regional Meeting

About 35 people came to the meeting. At lunchtime, people sat together according to their interests. A fresh crop of people interested in CARLDIG came together. No interest was shown in CALM or CSUL at this meeting. A lively discussion took place about CARL vis-à-vis CLA. A full report of the meeting will appear in the upcoming CARL newsletter.

8. Treasurer’s Report

Financial Statement for 2002

Income: $56,719.27

Expense: $40,507.70

Net Income: $16,507.70

Report for 1.1.2003 — 2.28.2003

Income: $6,971.50

Expense: $4,385.99

Net Income: $2,585.51

8.1. Inspection of Books

Vicki has been asked by the IRS if all the books and records are available to the general public for inspection. In other words, we have to have a plan for providing public access to our books and records, should anyone ever ask. Vicki would like to see more records available on an "intranet" or passworded site for CARL. Summarized reports should go on the regular website. She will discuss this with Bonnie Petry.

8.2. Bank Account

Vicki will shift $10,000 from checking into savings.

8.3. Compensation for Work

How and when was it determined who got compensation for their work and how much? The Webmaster, the Membership Director, the Newsletter Editor, and the Treasurer each receive a small sum for their work though this is not for their work as a decision-making board member. We discussed whether or not the language in Article 7, Section 7 needed to be changed. Carl Bengston advised Vicki just to leave it as is, since the IRS did not specifically tell us to change it — they just asked for more detail. Ann will try to find this discussion in past minutes.

8.4. Charity vs Professional Development Organization

The IRS is looking at the phrase that appears on much of our literature, "professional growth." Vicki will try to argue that we are a charity, not a professional development organization. Probably the strongest argument is that we are a chapter of ACRL, and ACRL is a 501(c)3 charity.

8.5. Budget

Vicki will try to create a budget and present it at the June board meeting.

9. ACRL Survey

Locke Morrisey, last year’s ACRL Chapter Council Delegate, reported on his work on a survey for CARL members who are not ACRL members, or vice-versa. This is a survey that he put together for the benefit of CARL. ACRL is interested in the results, but it is really a CARL survey. Given this, we will use this survey as an opportunity to publicize CARL to ACRL members who are not members of CARL. A copy of the new CARL brochure will be enclosed with the survey. Since we won’t be doing sophisticated statistical analysis on the survey, it makes sense to simplify the 9-point scale down to a 5-point scale. The survey will be sent out in the fall so that people who decide to join can get a full year’s membership.

10. Membership Director’s Report

Liz has determined that there are 1062 ACRL members who live in California but are not members of CARL. Of the 540 current CARL members, 367 of them are also ACRL members. We have 30 new members and got 70 more memberships from mailings sent to former members.

Suggestions were made for the new brochure. Liz wondered how many copies to make. We should make enough to go out for the survey, plus some for each Interest Group to hand out at programs. A PDF file of the brochure will be on the website so that Campus Liaisons, or anyone who just needed a copy, could download one from there.

11. Webmaster

Judy wondered how to update the information that appears on http://allwhois.com. Judy will contact Bonnie about this.

12. Newsletter

Should we put the names and affiliations of new members in the newsletter? It was decided to just put in the affiliation or even just aggregate the information into statistics on type of library.

It was agreed that we should keep the frequency of the newsletter to four times a year. Ann felt that this was necessary if the newsletter was to be of any use for publicizing programs during the year.

13. Interest Group Coordinator North Report

14. Interest Group Coordinator South Report

15. Campus Liaison Coordinator North Report

Simone will communicate with Kelly Janousek to follow up on posting on the CARL website information gathered from the 'Treasures of the CSU' program as a sample format for other academic and research libraries to participate in listing the same from their respective libraries.

Simone wondered if the membership database could include an option box for members to identify their field of specialization (or subject areas) so that members can benefit from each other when it is necessary to seek expertise in answering reference questions. This would require a change in the

membership sign-up form, but is certainly possible.

16. Campus Liaison Coordinator South Report

David is still trying to create a reliable list of campus liaisons. He has already emailed the people he had down on his list and did receive some corrections, etc.

17. Old Business

17.1. Interest Group Budget

Vicki will continue to work on creating a budget for Interest Group program expenses.

17.2 . Interest Group Listserv Hosting

Interest Groups keep asking about having a place to host listservs. Liz will ask Digital Forest if such a thing is possible and how much it would cost.

17.3. Interest Group Handbook

A manual for Interest Groups still does not exist. Suellen and Fred will look into this.

17.4. Collaboration with library schools

Collaboration with library schools was tabled until the next meeting

18. New Business

18.1. Appointment of Campus Liaisons

Suellen asked for clarification on how Campus Liaisons should be appointed. When calls go out from Campus Liaison Coordinators and more than one person at a campus volunteers, who gets appointed? It was agreed that any internal campus procedures should determine who gets appointed, whenever such procedures exist on a campus; please just let the Coordinator know when such an internal appointment has taken place.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ann Hotta

CARL Secretary