(Ratified October 1992; revised 11/96)

Authority to Create Interest Groups:

Article V. Section 2 of the CARL Constitution (3/15/85) authorizes the formation of interest groups . The Constitution requires a prospective group to submit a petition by 2O members (of CARL) and have a chief executive who shall serve as a Liaison to CARL.

Upon receipt of the petition, statement of purpose, and designation of a Liaison, the Executive
Board will approve the formation of an interest group.

Each interest group shall submit a statement of purpose with its petition. It shall specify officers and, if the group wishes, cover other specific points of organization. A formal constitution and by-laws are not required.

The Liaison shall coordinate programs with other liaisons and with the appropriate regional Vice
President (see Programs). The Liaison shall communicate regularly with the Interest Groups
Representative on the Executive Board, who is responsible for keeping interest groups informed
of the Board's activities and vice versa. The Liaison shall attend the annual business meeting. The
Liaison shall submit a written annual report to the CARL Executive Board via the Interest
Groups Representative.

Northern and Southern Groups:
Interest groups may form by region or statewide. CARL members are el igible to join any interest group .

Interest group members shal1 be members of CARL. Established groups will be listed on the CARL membership application., so all CARL members may indicate if they want to join.

Dues and Finances:
Interest groups shall not charge dues. Interest groups may submit budget proposals for specific projects and programs to the CARL Executive Board for approval . Written budget proposals for the following year shall be submitted before the last CARL Executive Board meeting of the current year .

Interest groups shall plan programs. A minimum of one per year is required. Interest groups shall communicate with the Northern or Southern Vice President of CARL for the region
where the meeting will be held to coordinate scheduling and content of programs . Program planning for interest groups falls under the same guidel ines as other CARL programs.


Interest groups shall appoint a regular contributor to the CARL Newsletter for announcements and reports of meetings and other activities.

Interest groups shall send material to the CARL Archivist as appropriate

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