I. Interest Groups receive the following support from CARL:

II. Reimbursement for transportation to meetings.

Chapter finances permitting, the following guidelines will be followed for the reimbursement of travel expenses for statewide meetings of CARL Interest Group Officers:

a. Full reimbursement of airline flight expenses will be made for officers of Interest Groups; expenses for officers driving to meetings will be reimbursed at the rate of $0.20 per mile for every mile over 100 miles.
b. The above reimbursement will be made to each Interest Group a maximum of one time per year.
c. The above reimbursement will not apply to attendance at statewide meetings held at the CLA annual conference.
d. It is expected that statewide meetings of an Interest Group will be located so as to reduce expenses as much as possible.

III. Special Projects

Chapter finances permitting, the CARL Executive Board will consider the financing of Interest Group special projects according to the following guidelines:

1. The principal criterion for deciding to fund a proposal will be how well it meets any or all of the objectives of CARL, as stated in the CARL Constitution, Article III, Sec. 1.
2. Another criterion for funding decisions will be the state of the CARL treasury.
3. Proposals for special projects should be submitted to the Executive Board in writing and include detailed information on estimated costs and possible revenue.
4. The Executive Board may suggest that alternative sources of funding for a special project, such as ACRL, be considered before a decision is made to fund all or part of a proposal.

[Presumed date: 1986]