California Academic and Research Libraries
Miscellaneous Policies and Procedures

A.1. Use of Membership Database

A.1.1. Mailing labels for some or all of CARL's current membership list will be made available for a fee to other professional organizations or similar non-profit groups for publicizing programs, or for similiar purposes. Mailing labels will not be made available for recruiting or advertising.

Requests should be submitted to the Membership Director. The fee will be set each year by the Executive Board, based upon the estimated cost of producing the mailing labels.

[ Original policy promulgated 12/26/91, based on Executive Board discussions, 1990-91.]

A.2. Use of Email reflectors

A.2.1. Email reflectors (email mailing lists) are established and maintained by the Membership Director, to facilitate communication with the entire CARL membership or to facilitate communication among any group or committee within CARL. The reflectors are to be used only for CARL business and announcements, except that some of the reflectors may be available to other professional organizations or non-profit groups, on the same basis as the mailing labels (i.e., on request, through the Membership Director, and for a fee).

A.2.2. Postings to the "carlall,"" carlall-n" and "carlall-s" reflectors should normally be made only by the Membership Director. All messages submitted for such postings should be sent to the Membership Director, with a brief note indicating the reasons for posting to this list.

This also enables the Membership Director to work directly with the manager of the reflectors to correct any errors in email addressing which are reported.

A.2.3.Other reflectors are normally set up to facilitate discussion among members of the Executive Board, a CARL committee, or other group. In these cases, participation is normally limited to those on the particular list, or committee.

A.3. Reimbursement of Travel Costs

A.3.1. CARL will reimburse members of the Executive Board for travel costs associated with attendance at meetings of the Board. Reimbursable expenses include airfare, ground transportation to and from the airport, or airport parking, and automobile mileage to and from the meeting, or the airport. The mileage rate is established each year by the Executive Board.

A. 4. Payments to Speakers

A.4.1. CARL does not pay honoraria to speakers at CARL programs and workshops, if those programs and workshops are the type which the speaker might reasonably be expected to attend or support as a contribution to the profession, or if the speaker is (or is eligible to be) a CARL member. This is consistent with the general policy of the American Library Association.

CARL does pay honoraria to speakers who do not consider themselves part of the professional academic and research library community.

B. Rates in 1995 for CARL fees and reimbursements:

B.1. Membership Dues

B.2. Use of Mailing Lists and Reflectors

Mailing labels $25

Posting of announcement on carlall email distribution list $[not yet set]

B.3. Travel Costs

Automobile mileage rate: $0.20 per mile

B.4 Honoraria

Honoraria are normally between $75 and $150, depending on the nature of the contribution, including the length of the presentation, whether it is the major element in a program, and the size of the audience.

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