SEAL North

Program Planning Meeting


1-3 pm, Rm 303, at the DOE Library

University of California, Berkeley

Travel directions and parking instructions can be found at the visitors services' page at

If you take BART, get off at "Downtown Berkeley", exit BART, walk east up through the center of the campus. The Doe Library is just below and next to the Sather Clock tower (about 3 blocks from BART).

The AGENDA for the meeting on March 24 will be to talk about activities for the next year, to set a regular meeting time, and to recruit volunteers for planning future meetings and other needed activities. So far, 7 members responded they can attend this planning meeting and 3 more responded they would be interested in attending future meetings. To the 7 who said they are coming, if your plans have changed (I hope not), please let me know. Also, start thinking about what you would like to do over the next year -- plan a program, a discussion group meeting, or a fieldtrip. I have some ideas for program topics, which I will be sending out to this reflector, shortly. The timing would probably have to be next Fall, unless someone has other ideas and is willing to volunteer. We can talk about all this on Friday. Many thanks in advance and look forward to seeing you

Mari Miller

Librarian for General Science and Undergraduate Collections Doe Library

Rm 212 Unversity of California Berkeley, CA 94720