APRIL 4, 2000

San Diego State University

"New Directions in Science Journal Publishing : SPARC & CrossRef"


SPEAKERS: Gloria Werner, University Librarian, UCLA "SPARC & its Effects on Science Journal Publishing"

Kittie Henderson, Ebsco "Ebsco Online and Electronic Journal Control"

Pieter Bolman, President of Academic Press "CrossRef Changing the Future of Online Research"

DATE: Tuesday, April 4, 2000

PLACE: San Diego State University, Calmemac Room, Aztec Center

TIME: 9:30am - Noon, (optional hosted lunch follows) As an added option, Academic Press will host a lunch seminar (12:30-2pm) entitled "Evolution of the IDEAL Electronic Library: Evaluating Usability and Content". This luncheon seminar will provide an overview of IDEAL electronic resources. The luncheon will be held at San Diego State University: Council Chambers following the morning session. Continental breakfast will be provided for the morning session.

COST: $12 for CARL members $15 for Non-members

parking is free DEADLINE: March 31, 2000 - Please register early to avoid disappointment

Registrants will be sent parking and exact meeting room instructions.

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Send form to: Anne Turhollow, University Library, Science Division, San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego CA 92182-8050


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