California State University Librarians

A CARL Interest Group

Article I. Name.
Sect. 1. The name of this organization shall be the Califomia State University Librarians (CSUL).

Article II. Affiliation.
Sect. 1. CSUL shall be an Interest Group of the California Academic and Research Librarians (CARL). CSUL shall follow the CARL Constititution, Bylaws, and guidelines for Interest Groups.

Article III. Objectives

Sect. 1. The objectives of CSUL shall be to promote the interests and welfare of the libraries and librarians in the California State University (CSU) System through the sponsorship of workshops, seminars, and conference programs where issues of professional concern can be discussed. The Interest Group shall provide a network for communication among libraries and librarians in the CSU system.

Article IV. Membership.

Sect. 1. All CSUL members must be members of CARL.

Sect. 2. Any person may become a member of CSUL by so indicating each year on the CARL membership application form and by paying the appropriate annual CARL dues.

Sect. 3. No additional dues shall be required for CSUL membership.

Sect. 4. Members in good standing shall be those who have paid CARL dues each year and who have indicated membership in the CSUL Interest Group on the CARL membership form.

Article V. Sections.

Sect. 1. CSUL shall have a Northern and a Southern Section, corresponding to the CARL Northern Region and Southern Region.

Sect. 2.The Sections shall be called CSUL North and CSUL South.

Article VI. Officers, Terms, Responsibilities.

Sect. 1. Officers shall be members of CSUL.

Sect. 1.2. The elected officers for each Section shall be President, Vice-President/President-Elect and Secretary.

Sect. 1.3 The President of CSUL South shall be the Chief Executive Officer of CSUL in odd-numbered years and the President of CSUL North shall be the Chief Executive Officer of CSUL in even-numbered years.

Sect. 2. Terms of Office. Each officer shall serve in office for one calendar year commencing January 1. The Vice-President/President-Elect shall serve as President of the Section in the second year following election. There shall be no limit to the number of terms an officer may serve.

Sect. 3. Vacancies.

In the event that a Section presidency becomes vacant during a term, the Vice-President/President-Elect shall become the President for the remainder of the term and for the succeeding calendar year. Other vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining officers of the Section.

Sect. 4. Chief Executive Officer.

The Chief Executive Officer shall: a) serve as liaison with CARL: b) oversee all CSUL activities; c) submit a written annual report to CARL; d) coordinate activities of the CSUL North and South Sections; and e) transmit a budget proposal to CARL for the following year; f) attend CARL board meetings as appropriate.

Sect. 5. President.

The President of each Section shall: a) call elections by the Executive Board to fill vacancies on the Board; b) appoint committees for special projects: c) convene and chair meetings of the Executive Board: d) serve as liaison between each Section; and e) submit an annual budget to the Chief Executive of CSUL.

Sect. 6. Vice-President/President-Elect.

The Vice-President/President-Elect of each Section shall: a) act for the President in his/her absence; b) prepare a budget proposal for the following year and submit it to the CSUL Chief Executive Officer; c) serve as Program Committee Chair; and d) perform other duties as required.

Sect. 7. Secretary

The Secretary of each Section shall: a) take and distribute minutes of Executive Board meetings; b) establish and maintain an archive of Section activities; c) submit minutes to the CARL archives; d) maintain a list of members and prospective members; e) maintain a current list of CARL campus liaisons; and perform other duties as required.

Sect. 8. Program Committee Chair.

The Vice-President/President-Elect serves as the Program Committee Chair for each Section and shall: a) coordinate planning and production of programs for the year in accordance with CARL guidelines for programs; b) appoint CSUL members to the Program Committee; and c) convene meetings of the Program Committee.

Sect. 9. Other committee chairs and project coordinators may be appointed by the Executive Boards.

Article VII. Executive Board.

Sect. 1. There shall be separate Executive Boards for CSUL North and CSUL South.

Sect. 2. The voting members of each Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers: President, Vice-President/President-Elect and Secretary.

Sect. 3. Non-voting members of the Executive Board may be established by the officers of each Section based on relevant needs. These non-voting members shall all be members of CSUL.

Sect. 4. Meetings.

Sect. 4.1. The Executive Board of each Section shall meet at least twice yearly.

Sect. 4.2. Joint Executive Board Meetings.

There shall be an annual Joint meeting of both Executive Boards. The Chief Executive Officer shall determine the location and shall preside. Other joint meetings may be called with the consent of the two Executive Boards.

Article VIII. Nominations.

Sect. 1. Elected Officers.

A Vice President/President Elect and a Secretary shall be elected each year by each Section.

Sect. 2. Nominating Committee.

Sect. 2.1. The Executive Board of each Section shall act as a Nominating Committee or the Section President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of CSUL members.

Sect. 2.2. The Section Presidents shall send all nominations to CARL by the deadline date for CARL nominations.

Article IX. Elections.

Sect. 1. Voting shall be by mail and shall be coordinated with the CARL election.

Sect. 2. There shall be one ballot for both Sections.

Sect. 3. Voters may vote only for a Northern or a Southern slate.

Sect. 4. A ballot which contains votes for both Northern and Southern candidates shall be considered a mixed ballot and therefore invalid.

Sect. 5. A plurality vote elects.

Sect. 6. All CSUL members in good standing may vote.

Article X. Programs

Sect. 1. Each Section shall sponsor at least one regional program each year.

Article XI. Operating Policies and Procedures.

Sect. 1. Operating policies and procedures shall be established and compiled into a manual for the CSUL officers, Executive Board, and committees in each Section.

Sect. 2. Operating policies and procedures shall include statements of responsibility, procedures, tasks, and deadlines.

Sect. 3. Operating policies and procedures for each office, Executive Board, and committee shall be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate.

Article XII. Amendments

Sect. 1. Any member may suggest amendments to the Bylaws to the Executive Board of either CSUL North or South. If a majority of the members of the Executive Board agree, amendments shall be submitted to a vote of the membership at the next annual election. Bylaw amendment changes are decided by a majority vote.

Article XIII. Rules of Order

Sect. 1. Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the proceedings of CSUL meetings in all cases not provided for in the Bylaws.