Librarian (Brentwood Campus) – Contra Costa Community College District

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Position title: Librarian (Brentwood Campus)

Job Description:  Beginning in fall 2016, this librarian will spend 50% of his/her time in Brentwood and 50% of his/her time on the Pittsburg campus. The librarian will to get to know the current Brentwood students while increasing library reference, instruction and outreach services at the Brentwood Center. While working 50% at the Pittsburg Campus, the librarian will have the opportunity to become familiar with LMC library systems, collections, and the larger college community. This librarian will play an integral role in assessing the needs of the students and faculty at the Brentwood Center and planning for the expanded library collections and services when the new Center opens in 2018-2019. This librarian will be assigned to the Brentwood Center 100% of the time when the new Brentwood Center opens.

The librarian will help students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and access credible, scholarly materials and appropriately use those materials for their own assignments. This position also supports the assessment of the instruction being done at the library reference desk and embedded in courses to identify and measure student learning.

The position will engage in a full range of reference, library instruction, collection management and outreach activities. As part of a small department, this librarian is also expected to have a working knowledge of the administrative features of a library management system. This includes ability and willingness to help library staff troubleshoot problems, perform functions such as running reports or adding a new ebook collection to the catalog. The librarian will be required to discover, select, learn, and integrate new library related technologies as they become available.

In addition to contractual duties, all faculty are expected to participate actively in their disciplines, department activities, and the general intellectual life and governance of the college. Part of the assignment may be in the evening and/or online.

Job Close date: 02/05/2016


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