Web & UX Librarian Job Opportunity at Cal State Dominguez Hills

California State University Dominguez Hills is seeking a user focused librarian to join our growing team as the Web and User Experience Librarian. For more information and to apply visit http://bit.ly/2nYkywY

Here are some quick answers to questions you might have about the position:

What is the official description for the job?

Our Web and User Experience Librarian is a 12 month, tenure track position (for serious). This position is responsible for providing leadership, vision, and support for the library’s user experience efforts. You’ll engage in iterative user-centered website testing and redesign in order to improve access and user experience, ensuring that the website is responsive and accessible. And you get to supervise the library student assistants who provide front-line assistance at the Information and Research Help Desk and change and develop (or discontinue) various reference services.

Shorter version: Be our UX expert, train our research student assistants, coordinate our reference services, and participate in our instruction and liaison team.

Why is working for the CSU so awesome?

Glad you asked!  The California State University system is the nation’s largest and most affordable public four-year university system. We are the people’s university, so every day you get to make a difference, work in a diverse and inclusive environment, and foster intellectual growth. Plus, we have a strong faculty union, great benefits, exemplary leadership, a faculty committed to social justice, and motivated students.

Why is UX combined with Reference, Instruction & Outreach Services?

We realize that it’s an unusual combo but we think it’s a natural extension of UX work from the website to our research help desk. We’re hoping this allows UX thinking to permeate all of our library services. Every DH librarian has a public liaison role, which includes teaching information literacy sessions and collaborating with faculty, but we also each have a functional role as well, whether it’s coordinating information literacy, collections, or in your case, web and user experience. You are the point person for these projects, but we all work collaboratively as our roles intersect. Hint, hint, you’ll probably be working with our Instructional Technologies Librarian on the website, and (frankly) all of us on our research and reference services.

Where is Dominguez Hills? I’ve never heard of it…

The land we’re on is named for the family of Juan Jose Dominguez, a Spanish soldier who received a grant of 75,000 acres for grazing cattle from the governor of the Spanish province of California in 1784. Prior to the Dominguez family, the first inhabitants of this land were the Gabrielino Indians. Today we call this place Carson, California, which is in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. Still not ringing any bells? We’re not far from Long Beach. If you want to nerd out on our history, check it out here: http://www4.csudh.edu/campus-history/ . If you prefer soccer to history, you may be interested to note that the StubHub Center, home to the LA Galaxy, is right next door.

I didn’t take a typical path to librarianship. Should I still apply?

Definitely! We welcome people from all backgrounds as long as they too are committed to ensuring that the university and the library are welcoming and safe spaces where all can thrive, create, work, and learn.  Even if you haven’t had a position just like this one before, if you value enthusiasm for user experience, flexibility, project management skills, and a commitment to service as much as we do, you may well be a good fit!

What happened to the last person in the job?

It’s a new position for us based on current needs and a re-imagining of our reference services. We’re in a hiring phase as the campus recovers from retirements and the recession, which means it’s a time of RE. Re-imagine! Rebuild! Reinvigorate!

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