University Librarian, Caltech

May 2, 2018

Caltech (the California Institute of Technology), a private research university of approximately 300 faculty focused on science and engineering, seeks a talented leader and experienced administrator to serve as University Librarian. The successful candidate will continuously advance our ambitious mission in research and education and bring a sophisticated understanding of the current environment and potential future for research libraries.

The new Librarian will have extensive knowledge of academic research resources and information infrastructure, including technologies for users, access to publications, relations with publishing houses, digital collections, data repositories, and cataloging and metadata. The Librarian must also have experience managing a complex budget and be able to direct the library’s financial and other resources by setting clear priorities.

At the same time, interpersonal skills and experience are vital. The Librarian holds a central place in Caltech’s small and intimate community. The Librarian will motivate and organize a capable staff, providing strategic vision and ensuring that consistent, reliable services are delivered to the Caltech community from day to day. The Librarian should be prepared to expand our efforts to collaborate with other research libraries. The Librarian should communicate easily with users of the library—faculty, students, and postdoctoral scholars—about library resources, strategies, and decisions. Finally the Librarian must be able to discuss the library budget with others, including the Office of the Provost, to whom the Librarian reports.

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