Submitting a job? Read this!

There is no charge for posting jobs on the CARL Job Listings. We welcome academic and research library job postings from California employers. There are two ways to get your job posted:

Option 1 (preferred)

Email David Drexler with the text of the job description. Include the text of your posting in your email, attach it as an editable file (e.g. MS Word), or include a link to a google document. Please do not send a PDF.

Option 2

If you have job postings on a regular basis, write to David Drexler with your name and employer to ask for an account for this site. Once you have an account, you can log in to enter your job postings:

  1. Under “Posts,” click “Add New.”
  2. In the title box, type the job title, institution, and city (if it’s not already including in the institution name), for example:
    “Resource Sharing Librarian, Wild Poppy College, Cloverdale, CA”
  3. In the main box, enter the job description.
    • Please use paragraph/heading styles and numbered/bulleted lists instead of formatting headings and lists manually.
    • Avoid all caps and underlining.
  4. Optional: Check one or more categories that describe the position. You can choose as many as apply. We’ll add these if you don’t indicate them.
  5. Optional: posts normally expire and are removed from the site after 180 days. You can change the expiration date under the “Publish Press Future” heading.
  6. Optional: fill in information under “Google Job Posting Registration Information.” We’ll fill in as much information as possible from your job description.
  7. Click on “Submit for Review.”

Within a week an administrator will review your job listing and publish it to the website. Due to the number of listings, we do not always send out confirmation of receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact David Drexler.

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