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California Academic & Research Libraries
Third Annual Conference



CARL was very pleased this year to receive a total of $1250 in financial support for the Conference from a number of firms which serve academic libraries in California. We extend our sincere appreciation to

Academic Press
Advanced Information Management
Baker and Taylor
Blackwell North America

With very special thanks to

Innovative Interfaces

for their generous support.

Conference Organizing Committees:

Program Planning Committee	  Registration and Publicity
Bill Whitson, Chair (UC Berkeley)	Alice Whistler; Chair (Santa Clara University)
Michael Buckland (UC Berkeley)#	 	Michael Fineman (UC Santa Cruz) - Registration
Barbara Butler (Sonoma State)#		Liz Ginno (CSU Hayward) - Conference Prograrn
Gladys Chaw (College of San Mateo)	Paula Hammett (Sonoma State University) - Name tags
Jane Fisher (UC Extension)
Liz Ginno (CSU Hayward)#
Bonnie Gratch (St Mary's College)#	Local Arrangements
Paula Hammett (Sonoma State)#		Vicki Rosen, Chair (University of San Francisco)	
Caroline Harnly (San Francisco State)#  Ron Heckart (UC Berkeley) 
Ron Heckart (UC Berkeley)#		Hille Novak (University of San Francisco)
Jack Kessler (AKCO, lnc.)#  
Suzanne Sweeney (Stanford University)#	
Judy Thomsen (CSU Stanislaus)#		Vendor Relations Committee
Ray Lynne Thomas (Sonoma State)#	Sandy Vella, Chair (UC Davis)
Alice Whistler (Santa Clara University)  

Special Thanks to:

All those who organized panel sessions (# on list)
Alice Whistler, for putting together and mailing out the Conference flyer
Liz Ginno, for producing the Conference program
Vicki Rosen, who handled most arrangements with the hotel
Michael Fineman, who handled the entire registration process (an enormous job!)
Sandy Vella, who contacted the vendor donors

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12 December 1995