California Academic & Research Libraries Third Annual Conference Friday & Saturday, October 20-21, 1995 Holiday Inn, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

Re-Tooling Academic Libraries for the Digital Age:
Missions, Collections, Staffing

Background Information and Introductions

Conference Program [links to presentations, summaries, additional resources]
1st Keynote Speaker: Patricia Breivik
2d Keynote Speaker: Stuart Sutton
3d Keynote Speaker: Clifford Lynch
Panel A: Librarians As Leaders
Panel B: Library Organization/Faculty Status
Panel C: Undergraduates in the Digital Age
Panel D: Faculty in the Digital Age
Panel E: Professional Schools Curricula & Continuing Education
Panel F: Digital Libraries of the Future (Calif. NSF Grants)
Panel G: Collection Development: Access vs Ownership
Panel H: Preservation in the Digital Age
Panel I: Libraries, Instructional Technologies & Computer Centers
Member of the Year Award

Tapes of presentations available



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