1996 California Academic & Research Libraries (CARL) Conference

A message from Lise Snyder, SEAL-South Program Coordinator:

Below you will find additional information about the
SEAL-South Postconference - A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Sea
World. I hope this information will answer any questions you
may have, but if not, feel free to call or email me.

1. This behind-the-scenes tour is geared towards adults and
mature children. Therfore, spouses, friends and older
children are welcome. It is not appropriate for children
under the age of seven. The Sea World Education Coordinator
says that younger children will be bored and likely to be
disruptive. If you have younger children and planned to
extend your tour pass to the all-day pass and spend the rest
of the day at the park, here is your option. You can attend
the tour for $7 and pay the $11 upgrade fee. You can then
make arrangements to meet other family members after the
tour and pay the regular admission price for them to enter
the park. Unfortunately, Sea World can only extend the
$11.00 upgrade to those who are taking the tour. The
Education Coordinator did remind me that triple A members do
get a discount and that many grocery stores make discount
coupons available as well.

2. We have a registration cap of 100 people. Those who
register will be divided in to groups of 25 for the tours to
make sure that all can hear and see easily. Although the
conference registration form states that the tour lasts from
9:30-11,(it is approximately 90 minutes long,) in order to
allow for these smaller groups, the tours will need to begin
at 15 minute intervals - 9:30, 9:45, 10:00, 10:15. Those that
begin after 9:30 will run beyond 11:00. Registrants will be
assigned to these groups as they register, i.e., the first 25
will be assigned to the 9:30 group, the next 25 to the 9:45
group, etc. When you pick up your registration packet, it
will include a ticket that indicates to which group you have
been assigned. We will be meeting the tour guides, at our
assigned times, at the group gate. The group gate is
located in the main gate area.

3. You need to indicate, when you register for the
conference, whether you wish to attend the tour only ($7) or
upgrade for the entire day ($18) and for how many people.
Please include full payment for this activity as part of your
registration check. Unfortunately, we cannot handle upgrades
at the conference or on the day of the tour. The ticket(s)
that are included in your registration packet will indicate
if you are taking the tour only, or if you have paid for an
upgrade. Please bring these tickets to the tour on Sunday.
4. Your registration packet will also include a Sea World
parking pass. Bring this on Sunday and you will not have to
pay for parking at Sea World. If you do not have a car,
you have other options. The Bahia Hotel and Sea World are
very close. The people at the hotel assure me that you can
fairly easily walk from one to the other. You can also take
the #81 bus that stops at the front of the hotel. It takes
you directly to Sea World. Or you can arrange to carpool
with others that are going. There will be a list of
registrants for the tour available at the conference.

Lise Snyder
Collection Development/Management Coordinator
UCLA College Library
220 Powell
P.O. Box 951450
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1450
310 206-4474


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