1998 CARL Conference Poster Session

8:00 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. Saturday, September 12, 1998

Library of California Access to
Environmental Information Project

A pilot project by the California Digital
Library (CDL) and the Library of
California (LOC) to identify electronic
environmental resources of interest to
California citizens.
Barbara Schader
Louise Darling Biomedical Library

Beverlee French
California Digital Library

Africa Research Central: A
Clearinghouse of African
Primary Sources

This Web site will promote international
scholarly cooperation and communication
and assist researchers and professionals in
identifying, locating, tracking, and
preserving primary source materials about
Susan Tschabrun
John M. Pfau Library
CSU, San Bernardino

Kathryn Green, Ph.D.
History Department
CSU, San Bernardino

Hot Topics and Information

Designed to support the goals of the new
CSU information competancy standards,
this Web site meets the information needs
of first year students working on basic
controversial issues.
Monica Fusich
Henry Madden Library
CSU, Fresno

The Information Jungle

A short, self-paced, plain English tutorial
on using the Internet for scholarly research.
This Web site is intended for people with
minimal technical knowledge and skills.
Bonnie Petry
John M. Pfau Library
CSU, San Bernardino

Success Factors for Technology
Management in California
Academic Libraries

This project won the 1997 CARL Research
Award. The poster presentation will inform
the CARL membership of research progress
in the last year.
Lucy S. Wegner
USC Center for Scholarly Technology
Information Services Division

Marianne Afifi
USC Center for Scholarly Technology
Information Services Division
Building Bridges: enVISIONING
the Collaboration

UCSB Humanities Librarians and faculty
collaborate to recommend facilities, services,
and technology for a new library proposal.

Sylvia Y. Curtis

Sylvelin Edgerton

Lyn Korenic

Nerea Llamas

Mark Stengel

Obstacles to Information Literacy

Based on the experiences of San Francisco
State University students participating in the
spring 1998 "Introduction to the Internet
and Electronic Research" class, this study
seeks to identify and address problems
students encounter in using electronic
resources for their research.
Ned Lee Fielden
J. Paul Leonard Library
CSU, San Francisco

Developing Library Service For
Distance Education

CSU, Northridge is developing a Library
Services Program for a statewide distance
learning credential being offered by CSUN's
Department of Communicative Disorders.

Marcia Henry
Oviatt Library
CSU, Northridge

Ann Perkins
Oviatt Library
CSU, Northridge

J. Stephen Sinclair, Ph.D.
Department of Communication
Disorders and Sciences
CSU, Northridge

Database Advisor: Project Update

The Database Advisor is a Web-based front
end to all science databases, both bibliographic
and full text, available via remote access to
UCSD students.

Susan S. Berteaux

Christy Hightower
UCSD-Science and Engineering

Jennifer Reiswig

Building an Effective Diversity Web Site

The CSUSB University Diversity
Committee seeks a campus climate that
welcomes, celebrates, and promotes the
social diversity of the San Bernardino
region. One of the significant
commitments to diversity was the
creation of a home page in 1996.
Xiwen Zhang
John M. Pfau Library
CSU, San Bernardino

Pool Librarian Checklist

Covering all aspects of working as a
reference librarian at CSU, Fullerton,
the Pool Librarian Checklist serves as
a convenient resource for new librarians
as well as a way to standardize reference
Margaret Hogarth
MLIS Candidate
CSU, Fullerton

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