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Research Award Winners

No prize awarded

Project Title: Ethnographic Study of Student Research Frustrations
Researchers: Sheree Fu, Char Booth, Mary Martin, Meg Garrett, and Natalie Tagge

Project Title: Information Visualization and Keyword Searching
Researchers: Matthew Conner and Melissa Browne

Project Title: Standardized Information Literacy Assessment: An Institutional Specific Approach
Researchers: Shannon Staley and Christina Peterson

Project Title: Subjecting the Catalog to Assessment: Subject vs. Tags
Researchers: Jennifer Quinonez-Skinner, Danielle Skaggs, Luiz Mendes

Project Title: Are They Getting It: A Longitudinal Study of the Information Seeking Techniques of Undergraduate Students
Researchers: Joseph Aubele, Karin Griffin, Susan Jackson and Cathy Outten

Project Title: Developing and Field-Testing Valid Information Competency Assessment Instruments: A Collaboration of Bay Area Community College and CSU Librarians
Researchers: Bonnie Gratch Lindauer, Brian Lym, and Topsy N. Smalley

Project Title: E-prints and Letters Journals: Continuing Co-Communicators of Scientific Research?
Researcher: Kate Manuel

No prize awarded.

Project Title: The Definition of a Digital Library for California Community Colleges
Researcher: Dr. Anita Coleman

Project Title: Success Factors for Technology Management In California Academic Libraries
Researchers: Marianne Afifi and Lucy Siefert Wegner

Project Title: A Survey and Assessment of California Academic Library Fund Raising
Researchers: Leslie F. DiBona, Irene M. Hoffman, and Amy Smith

Project Title: Defining Academic Library Performance Outcomes For Assessment of Student Learning
Researcher: Bonnie Gratch Lindauer

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