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Is your campus are good location for meetings? Do you know of interesting venues for programs? Please let us know here:

Campus Hosting Questionnaire

Did you recently host or attend an event? How was the venue? Would you recommend it for the future? Please let us know your opinion:

Venue Evaluation



1. Use this form twice, once before & once after your event:


A month before your event:

Email the completed form as a Budget Planner to the Treasurer.

Within a month after your event:

Email the completed form as an Income/Expense Statement to the Treasurer.

2. To deposit checks:


As soon as checks start arriving and within 30 days after your event:

Photocopy the checks. Fill in the Deposit Register. Mail it with the checks and a final copy of your program announcement to the Treasurer. Email the Treasurer when you send the checks. After he/she confirms receipt, destroy the check photocopies.

3. If you need to pay for services in advance:


At least 5 days in advance of the payment deadline: Email the form to the Treasurer. Attach, fax or mail any documentation related to the expense request. The Treasurer will either send a check to you or the vendor as requested, or will contact the vendor with the CARL payment information.

4. For out of pocket expenses reimbursement:


Fill in the form and mail it with your receipts and a copy of your program announcement to the Treasurer.


CARL Travel Request & Reimbursement

1. Requests

For travel requests over $100: at least 30 days before traveling or making reservations, fill in this form with your anticipated expenses and send it to the Treasurer for approval.

2. Reimbursements

No more than 30 days after traveling: fill in the form with your actual expenses and send to the Treasurer with your receipts (if applicable) for reimbursement.

Note: Executive Board meeting travel is preapproved.


Program Recording Release

Member Labels/Lists

Mailing Label/Membership List Request

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