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CARL's purpose, as stated in its constitution, is ". . . to provide opportunities for the professional growth of its members by conducting workshops and arranging programs; to encourage the exchange of ideas and information relating to library cooperation and development; to disseminate educational information oriented to those working in academic and research libraries; and to support and, when appropriate, participate in programs of other regional and local organizations in California in order to promote and improve library service to the academic and research community."

Membership is open to ". . . any person interested in academic or research librarianship or in academic or research libraries in California. Dues are nominal ($20-$40). CARL is affiliated with the Association of College and Research Libraries as an official chapter, and participates in ACRL through Chapters Council. Except for certain officers, however, CARL members need not be members of ACRL. In 1995, about 425 of the approximately 1,000 ACRL members in California chose to join CARL.

CARL is registered as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization with the Internal Revenue Service, but is not incorporated as a nonprofit corporation. It has a membership of about 700, and an annual budget of about $20,000. CARL has no office or paid staff.

CARL was organized in its present form in 1978 and 1979, when the existing Chapter of Academic and Research Libraries of the California Library Association merged with the recently-formed ACRL Chapters in California to form a single organization affiliated with both ACRL and CLA. CARL became an independent organization in 1992, after the California Library Association changed its organizational structure and rules to require that all members of constituent groups be members of CLA. Since the majority of CARL members were not members of CLA and did not want to be required to join CLA, they voted to become an independent organization.

CARL is an independent chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries. The information on this web site is wholly the responsibility of CARL and implies no endorsement by ACRL National.

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