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Award Committees Procedures

Research Award

  1. CARL President appoints Research Committee.
  2. After CARL Research Award Committee is appointed and the Chair selected, Chair posts a notice of the availability of the Award to the CARL listserver and submits a notice to the CARL newsletter.
  3. Soon after the proposal deadline and allowing a reasonable period of time for receipt of late arriving proposals with proper postmarked dates, CARL Research Award Committee Chair contacts CARL Membership Director verifying current membership status of each applicant.
  4. CARL Research Award Committee Chair sends out copies of proposals to committee members with individual evaluation forms attached. Since judging is blind, each proposal has names and contact information blocked out.
  5. CARL Research Award Committee Chair compiles committee results and sends Committee's nomination for award to the CARL President who, with the CARL Executive Board, reviews and approves the recommendation.
  6. CARL President notifies CARL Research Award Committee Chair of acceptance of Committee's nomination for award. CARL Research Committee Chair notifies awardee(s) of successful submission. Successful candidate is asked to present the results of their research or update CARL members by providing a summary of the research for a future issue of the CARL
  7. Newsletter and by placing the information on the CARL web site.
  8. Chair notifies non-awarded proposals of their status and thanks them for their submission.
  9. CARL Research Award Committee Chair sends significant Committee correspondance and original proposals to the CARL Archives.
  10. President asks Web site manager to place name and research paper title of the successful Research Award Winner(s) on the website.
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