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The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), Institute for Information Literacy (IIL), and the Southern California Instruction Librarians (SCIL) section of California Academic & Research Libraries' (CARL) are pleased to host California Immersion '04. Whether your institution is just beginning to think about implementing an information literacy component or whether you have a program well underway, California Immersion '04 will provide academic librarians with the intellectual tools and practical techniques to help your institution build or enhance its instruction program.

California Immersion '04 will be four-and-one-half days of active learning and intensive interaction among academic librarians. A faculty of nationally recognized librarians will be teaching the program. Participation is limited to 90 to ensure an environment that fosters group interaction and active participation. The application process is now closed.

If you have already been accepted and would like to register/pay online, a new online form is available. Once you register online, you will be able to update your registration as needed using the same form.

California Immersion '04 will be held at The Claremont Colleges from July 22-27, 2004.


California Immersion '04 will offer two tracks:

Teacher Track: This track focuses on individual development for those who are interested in enhancing, refreshing, or extending their individual instruction skills. Curriculum includes classroom techniques, learning theory, leadership, and assessment framed in the context of information literacy. Participants selected for the Teacher Track will prepare a description of an instructional situation and a related ten-minute presentation in advance of the Immersion program. During Immersion, participants will revise the presentation based on feedback from colleagues and faculty.

The Teacher Track is for you if:

  • You have little or no experience as a teacher or if you have experience teaching but would benefit from a focus on the fundamentals.
  • You want to understand more about learning theory, and how to design lessons and assignments that accommodate different learning styles.
  • You want an opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your teaching.
  • You need to understand the role of assessment in improving your teaching techniques and the design of lessons and assignments.
  • You want to identify and build on your leadership skills.

Program Manager/Developer Track: This track focuses on developing, integrating, and managing institutional and programmatic information literacy programs. Participants selected for the Program Manager Track will develop individual case studies in advance of the Immersion program. Change dynamics, systems thinking, institutional outcomes assessment, scalability, and the integration of teaching, learning, and technology will be brought to bear on analyzing the various programmatic challenges presented in the case studies. Immersion participants will be expected to develop the case studies into an action plan for implementation at the home institution, and possible inclusion in a "best practices" report six months after the program.

The Program Manager/Developer Track is for you if:

  • You have some knowledge of learning theory, pedagogy, and assessment.
  • You have some experience as a teacher.
  • You have some program management experience.
  • You are interested in moving your program from a focus on bibliographic instruction to a focus on information literacy.
  • You need to understand the role of assessment related to a whole curriculum and to gaining campus support.
  • You want to strengthen your skills as a campus leader for information literacy.

A faculty of nationally recognized librarians and scholars are refining the curriculum and will be teaching the program.


Registration: $1,200

Registration includes tuition, housing, all meals, an extensive binder of resources, access to computer facilities, private, electronic discussion forum of all participants, twice-daily refreshment breaks, and special social events.

Application Information

Application package components are listed below. Please send three copies of your application package to:

California Immersion '04
c/o Gale Burrow
406 Oakdale Dr.
Claremont, CA 91711

All documents must be postmarked by February 27, 2004.

For additional details, see ACRL's "Characteristics of Successful Applicants"

Application Package Components (see below for details on each component)

California Immersion '04 Application Form

1. One-page Resume
2. Personal Statement
3. Letter of Support
4. Scholarship Statement (if applicable)

1. California Immersion '04 Application Form

2. Resume

Please include a one-page resume.

3. Personal Statement

Teacher Track Applicants: a 1,200-word statement that addresses how the learning outcomes will assist you as an individual instruction librarian and how your attendance will strengthen your institutional program.

Program Manager/Developer Track Applicants: an 1,800-word statement that includes:

  • A 500-600 word description of the problem or challenge you would like to address with respect to your current information literacy program. In preparing your statement please include some reflection on where your institution's information literacy program is currently.
  • A 1,200-word explanation of how you and your institution will enhance information literacy in your environment following the Immersion program.

4. Letter of Support

All Applicants - One letter of support is required:

From your director or current supervisor who can address the commitment of the institution to information literacy, your role in that process, and why you should attend.

Letters should be directed to the California Immersion '04 Committee.

5. Scholarship Statement

Limited funds for partial scholarships will be available based upon your statement of need. Scholarship funds are only available to those applying for the Teacher Track. To apply for scholarship funds, please write a brief statement (not more than one page) including a description of your need and the level of support your institution is willing to provide.


Notification of acceptance will be in late March, 2004.


California Immersion '04 will take place at The Claremont Colleges on The Claremont McKenna Campus. Located 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, the city of Claremont is best known for its tree-lined streets, historic buildings, and college campuses. The early Spanish, college, and citrus industry influences can be seen in the community today. There are lush remnants of citrus and oak groves and a physical character reminiscent of Claremont's Spanish heritage and college-town influence. Claremont has many fine representatives of various architectural periods, particularly Victorian, neo-Classical Revival, Craftsman, and Spanish Colonial Revival. This diversity, sense of scale, and continuity singles it out as a unique community in Southern California. The Claremont Colleges are a cluster of five undergraduate colleges and two graduate schools on adjoining campuses. Each is independent, with its own faculty, student body, administration, and curricular emphasis. However, each is enriched by the presence of all the others. The Claremont Colleges are now nationally and internationally renowned for academic excellence. Several of the Colleges are consistently rated among the very best in the nation.


Questions about the program or application process? Contact Gale Burrow.


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