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Excerpt of Welcome email sent by Lead Faculty member Susan Barnes Whyte on 5/12/04

Welcome to the ACRL Institute for Information Literacy
2004 Regional Immersion Program, California Immersion '04

Most of our communication will take place over WebCT. You will be expected to check the site regularly for updates and information. The site is up and fully operational. We call particular attention to the pre-assignments for each track. Please complete the work for the track you are attending before coming to Immersion. There is additional information later in this message about the assignments.

Accessing the WEB CT Site:
The WebCT course site is located at http://ce.ala.org:8900.

Login procedures:
Login ID is the first initial of your first name and then the last name, e.g., if your name were Mary Smith your login would be msmith

Password: same as your login.

We encourage you to change your password once you have initially logged on. If you have trouble logging in, please contact Margot Sutton Conahan.

There are 7 major sections to the WebCT site.

  1. Participant Roster: Lists all of the attendees as the site goes live.
  2. Bulletin Board: This threaded discussion area offers a forum to make travel arrangements, ask questions, post your advance assignments, post an introduction to help us learn more about you, a welcome from the faculty, etc. There is a separate section for introductions that we encourage you to post to. We welcome your creative use of the WebCT site. Other Immersion groups have used this area to arrange rides, plan pre and post Immersion trips, and discuss information literacy issues. ACRL staff and Immersion faculty will be monitoring the threaded discussions for questions on a daily basis. Please remember that the email program sends email only within WebCT not to external email addresses, so be sure and check the site regularly.
  3. Teacher Track and Program Track Pre-Assignments: Please complete both the readings and the pre-Immersion assignments. If you have questions about any of the assignments, facilities, etc. please post them in the appropriate topics within the Bulletin Board area. Chances are good that if one person has a question, others will benefit from the answer, too. The faculty will check it regularly and respond as soon as possible. You may also e-mail us individually or use the listserv.
  4. Daily Schedule: As you can see, we live up to the name "Immersion" with a full schedule of activities. There are also social events planned so that we have opportunities to get to know each other and benefit from the informal learning that Immersion fosters.
  5. FAQ: Many of your questions will be answered in this section. If not, please post a question or email one of us.
  6. Faculty: A roster of the 5 faculty who will be leading this Immersion program.
  7. Claremont Colleges Regional Information: Information and links to what is in and around the Los Angeles region. You may want to plan a pre or post Immersion trip."