SCIL Summer Retreat 2009:
Food for Thought (and Action)

Friday, June 19, 2009, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Occidental College

Beginning with the 2008 Spring Program which introduced attendees to the Kaizen philosophy, SCIL members embarked upon a year of reflective practice. Regular business meetings were preceded by Share & Learn sessions around readings chosen to encourage new perspectives or provoke re-examination of existing ones. SCIL Works 2009 continued to embrace the theme with "The Daily and the Visionary": Employing Reflective Practices to Increase Our Engagement and Success." In a continuing spirit of re-invention, we decided to forego the Spring Program and instead close out the year of reflection and prepare for the year ahead with a summer retreat.

Thirty-six attendees met for a 1/2 day of shared meals and profound conversation. The following round table discussions were facilitated by SCIL members, allowing attendees to reflect with and learn from instruction colleagues.

  • Bringing 'Em On Board: Coaxing Faculty to Construct More Effective Learning Activities – Christina Sheldon, Instruction & Reference Librarian (CSU, Los Angeles) and Susie Chin, Instruction Librarian (Glendale Community College)

  • How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Instruction: Creative Ways to Encourage Our Non-SCIL-Member Co-workers to Develop as Instructors - Alex Chappell, Reference & Instruction Librarian (Libraries of the Claremont Colleges) and Shana M. Higgins, Reference/Instructional Services Librarian (University of Redlands)

  • How to Win Faculty and Influence Librarians - Cheryl Delson, Adjunct Librarian (CSU San Marcos) and Pearl Ly, Natural Sciences Librarian (CSU San Marcos)

  • Librarian Journal Clubs & Reading Groups - Stacy Russo, Coordinator of Information & Reference Services (Chapman University)

  • Right Here, Right Now: Expanding Mindfulness in Our Work - Marsha Schnirring, Director of the Center for Digital Learning & Research (Occidental College)

  • What the SWOT? Positioning IL Instruction for the Future – Melanie Sellar, Instructional Librarian (Marymount College)

  • What We Teach When We Teach Evaluation: Ethos and Credibility - April Cunningham, Instruction Librarian (Saddleback College)
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