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SCIL Works

SCIL Works (offered in January or early February) is a half-day mini conference that highlights the work of area professionals centered around a new theme each year.

Most recent, 2024: Listen and Empower: Enhancing Empathetic Communication in Library Instruction

Below is a list of past SCIL Works event pages. Many of these pages include presentation materials and collaborative notes.

Past Years

2023: More than a checkbox: Moving beyond DEI into justice

2022: Instructional Mix-Tape: Mixing tracts from In-person and Online Instruction

2021: Unmute Your Mic: Student Engagement and Outreach in a Virtual World

2020: Disaster Planning: Bouncing Back From Instructional Fails

2019: Instruction RX: Prescriptions for Helping Students Overcome Library Anxiety

2018: Where Virtual Meets Reality: the Intersection Between Instruction and Our Virtual Campus Communities

2017: Let's Get Together: Collaborating with Our Academic Communities Beyond the One-Shot

2016: Crossing the Threshold: Engaging with the ACRL Framework

2015: Let me take you higher: How libraries use High Impact Practices to engage students

2014: All Things Digital: Instruction Tools and Services in the Virtual World

2013: Hack your library!

2012: Back to Basics: The Ubiquitous One Shot

2011: Keeping it Real, Keeping it New: Pushing Boundaries in Challenging Times

2010: Practice, Practice, Practice (P3): Reinvigorating ILI Pedagogy

2009: "The Daily and the Visionary": Employing Reflective Practices to Increase Our Engagement and Success

2008: Putting Theory into Practice: The 'Why' Behind Instructional Strategies

2007: 21st Century Librarianship: Classroom Management in Today's Information Age

2006: From Design to Delivery: Developing and Managing Instruction Projects and Programs

2005: Risky Business: Innovation and Information Literacy

2004 SCIL Open House

Presentation materials:

2003 SCIL Open House Reports

2002 SCIL Open House

2001 SCIL Open House

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